my ma remains high on her grudging quotient. check tag for more info. she pointed a chap at a party of about 100 people: “see that man. he’s the one that didnt give me a lower berth. on our return trip from kodai.” i think she stayed on at the party only to poison his paneer.


a friend visited me. only to check if the rumours were true. indeed. she was horrified to find MY toenails are painted.

many people commented that I had lost weight. note to self. continue waxing arms. i look at least 27 gms lighter that way.


this was the india trip with the least photos. it took longer for me to reach the wedding hall from home. than it took me to reach chennai from KL. traffic bit into us.

love wedding Polis. and the hot ghee.


Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore. present. Vrindavan at New Woodlands. Present. the idli wasnt a stone but it could have been. CreamCentre RA Puram. absent. and regretting the sizzling brownie+icecream.

we dressed the boys in cream and white kurtas and persuaded them to NOT pull at the drawstring of their respective pyjamas. and they slept through the wedding reception. not awake for even 30 seconds of a 120 minute reception.

the in-laws are here. felt liberated that i could run down to the store and buy sugar. ALL BY MYSELF. and sun tv serial update: there’s thendral and chellamae and nadaswaram. soon. will tell you which is the absolute awfulest.

off. to reply to earlier comments. you guys do most of your writing when i am not around: 400 items on google reader.


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  1. If I wax eloquently about how good it is to have you back – will you consider my comments to be smarter ?

    At least put up a photo of the Poli w/Ghee – vicarious consumption for famished readers

  2. Chellamey is the absolute awfulest. I have had my in-laws here for three months πŸ™‚

    Now it’s my turn for planning wedding, trip, hot poli, manicures and waxing. I don’t think the last item is going to make people say I lost weight 😦

    (making mental note to check CreamCenter!)

    • thirumathi selvam is pretty atrocious, i thought. chellamey is nutty too. hate the way all the babes are playing the veena in the title song.

      and waxing is slimming. trust me

  3. The last time the inlaws were here, we’d subscribed to desi channels. And to my surprise, MIL was more interested in the Indian Idol type singing competitions and not in these serials. But me and the spouse were totally addicted.

    • the ILs are asking firstborn’s permission if they can change channels for a minute. really i have to take over control of this house. sooon.

      • Ditto at my home too. MIl was last seen asking lil P. 1 time ajji channel plssssssss. I will make u maggi, n give u chips and not tell ur mom if u let me watch for 2 mins. HMPH.

  4. Hey great to have you back…hmm the waxing does work is it…I have to try that for the next wedding…
    and slept through the reception….thats so cute πŸ™‚

  5. r u already back?
    OMG !!
    I am just out of jetlag !
    ( I guess I was lazy too )
    really sorry that couldnt mail you. it got totally chaotic towards the end and trip was hectic with VK.

  6. and im sort of surprised that the boys didn’t pull the drawstrings of the other one’s pyjamas.

    (You only told them not to pull out their own, right?)

    • Idha Thaan Naanum Modhalla Ezhudhalaamnu Nenachen – Decided against it for fear of virtual Kaari Thuppal and Old-Hawaii-Chappal Dharma Adi from the MiM

      En saarbil neenga anubavinga

        • @PV/abi: naan romba mosamanava illa. konjam nallava daan. (roja?)

          * plots of strangling PV and abi with aforementioned drawstrings*

  7. Cream Centre ah? Are the browniess eggless?
    (Feel free to neglect question if it looks like I’m under the impression you are Cream Centre staff.)

  8. you painted your toe nails? you clearly want to break away from being my soul sister- you traiter you!

    chennai- please make a list of things i have to do- am off in august.

    may i borrow your ma? i want to poison a few people.

    • chennai? will do a post for you, sur.
      if you have only one place that you have to go it is to Mylapore, sur.

      It’s so Tam. so kaapi. so jasmine-scented,crowded,glass-bangled, chaotic, serene…

      you can borrow ma. but not on returnable basis.

      • Mylapore on my list.

        Have a screening in chennai and then one day of nothing. Am waiting for your post listing a road map for loitering.

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