i was


1. making samea uppuma
2. making venn pongal
3. making rasam
4. making making fried chutney
5. making dokla
6. making mysorepak (when firstborn turned five)
7. making bucketsful of rasam
8. making sambar
9. making vendaya kuzhambu (with floating ladies fingers)

10. making idlies (new gyan: pressure cooker idlies are fluffier than rice cooker ones)

11. making dosas (heard my mil’s ditty which is from chapter 2 of PV’s textbook of Tamil

sayings: grinding urad dal is as easy as going to ma’s house; grinding soaked rice = is as

hard as going to In-law’s house) PV. mil loved your post. it took her back to her grandma’s


12. making vadas
13. making parupu usili
14. making mixed-veg raithas (finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onion).

but. not. making kaapi.
the mil is drowning us in thickly decoctioned, richly frothed, tall steel tumblersful of

hot, hot kaapi.

it’s kaapi tsunami. firstborn and baby param are riding the kaapi wave.


was greatly flattered when someone asked me if i was going to attend the launch of rajinikanth yenthiran (it’s happening one hour away from my home). so there’s at least one person in the whole world who thinks i have a high-flying social life.

plus. caught the audio-release of that movie on TV. makes me feel that’s so July 2010 of me. doesnt feel right.

how do i live in the past, if the present keeps interfering.


the mmmim has rationed my laptop time. with his tours to indonesia (bah). and going to work

on weekends (gah).

met a woman who has two tween kids. undergone three surgeries. lived in two countries. but is afraid to wax her arms because she thinks it might hurt.



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  1. hugsssssssssssssssssss u r back! 🙂
    Does this count?> – I am afraid to lose weight because it might all come back again 😉

    GRRR at mmmim. So not good for ur readers. Pls pls do make all those yummy dishes u just mentioned n entice the MMMiM to buy you a new laptop.

    • i like that”i am afraid to lose weight because it might all come back”;-)

      the mmmim is eating too. but baby param is in such a dangerously naughty stage, that i dont think a new laptop will survive in our home. will have to wait till he starts school..

  2. The last one’s a clincher, but I plead the same fear. I cannot bring myself to wax my arms coz it hurts. Yes, it hurts more than pushing three babies out au naturel, without pain relief.

    Hearing it the way you put it does make me weird too I guess..

  3. how do i read the rest of your post, if the food keeps interfering.

    and happy 5 to the fb. may he live to be many many many multiples of that number.
    (many = 1000)

  4. WHAT is fried chutney? And rice cooker idlis???? I’m intrigued. Intrigued, I tell you! Also, kindly feel at least a modicum of guilt for mentioning not one, not two, not even three, but FOURTEEN yummies for the tummy! I want ’em all. especially the hot hot kaapi. *sigh*

    • fried chutney is a mallika badrinath recipe. fry the dals urad+ channa. add the coconut, tamarind, and one onion. fry everything. grind coarsely.

      and rice cooker is the electric cooker which i used for making idlies.

      the mil’s idlies are 100 per cent more stuff and more chubby (considering the batter is mixie made). they are pressure cooked without the weight

  5. Happy fifth b’day to FB !

    Cooking up a storm – but not dishing out any posts to your poor readers – change your name to Marie Antoinette In Malaysia

    • it’s the cooking PV. once the IL’s leave, and when i am eating bread for breakfast, the post-flood will contunue

        • here’s an example: brunch was araichu vitta keerai and kottu rasam (rasam without dal), tiffin was lime rice. dinner was poori and same araichu vitta keerai.
          the mil was fasting so she had chapattis and keerai.
          i was fasting too — so i just had leftover payasam (we had guests over yesterday)…

  6. Sigh. and Jealous and sigh. It keeps repeating. Can you please courier some food to deprived me 😐
    and it is difficult to read the post after the long listed food.
    and you are missed Mim 🙂
    Please gift yourself a net book this birthday 😛

  7. wow! all those dishes, paruppu usili, vendaya kuzhambu et al took me back to my tirunelveli roots… currently i drown myself in palakkad kootans and choke on their thorans. enjoyed your post 🙂

  8. echoing Shruti 🙂 except for her fear! I don’t lose weight, we share good companionship 🙂 It keeps me balanced and I am every ready to give it the framework to spread 🙂 Hope you get gifted a laptop soon!

  9. Hey! Happy birthday to fb!!! So tell, tell…for this beleaguered mom of a four year old…how goes it? Any hope?

    What are the side-effects of the kaapi wave on fb and BP?

    • better and better. am a better mum to older kids than younger ones.

      kaapi is now a staple afternoon drink, sugared down to the last microcrystal to firstborn’s taste. the mil is in great form

  10. appaadi! you are back!

    and we are starting an online petition to mmmim, signed(multiple times) by all and sundry, begging, requesting, asking,threatening, to give/gift you the laptop.

    i bet the boys are enjoying it. i used to be *thrilled* when someone fed me coffee instead of my usual 1 feet tumbler full of milk.

    • my ma herself was a victim of a “has she sent a kadaparai along with the mysore pak” one diwali.

      but this was 9/10 the mil gave it a 7/10. but i ate 99 per cent of em all. even the crumbs

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