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just one day in chennai…


and where would i go?

i would go to mylapore. where i went to school. where i have eaten 15 ice creams in 30 minutes. where my friend at 12 ice creams in 30 minutes and admitted defeat.
where i dont need a vehicle. where i dont get lost. where i can see dress-makers stitching Bharatanatyam costumes. where i can hear Madurai Mani Iyer singing a song i havent heard being sung anywhere else recently except in the penseive in my head… “”.

where i can see glass bangle sellers. where i can see dots and curves morphing into kolams. where trains fly. where young booksellers sell old, old books. where i can still borrow books from a library card under the bff’s name. where jewellery can be hired. where there are flute sellers and frame makers. where it feels like home under the shade of a tree in a park, swatting of all the mosquitoes who just want to say ‘long time no see..’
for sur.(apologies. this post was in my head)


the fil.


fil to mil: “i think i will have lunch 10 minutes later.”

fil to me: ” could you please fetch me a pen.”

and so I do.

and he happily chooses a page from firstborn’s “dot to dot” book. And sits down to finish it.

78 going on 5

that would be the fil…(dad of five, teacher, big brother to 6, grandpa to 9, vigilance officer, a one-time expert on telephones, principal, rasamaholic, maker of the chewiest vella appams)




i should blog out my worries more. baby param (who i think is reading this blog) has resumed rasam rice
very resentful that firstborn gets 99 per cent talktime with my dad on skype. i got like one minute and four seconds.
Been l.o.ling @ this one:
a local school here is giving jobs to whomsoever who has applied.
the mmmim’s colleague is saying they removed the sign on the grass from ” trespassers will be prosecuted” to “trespassers will be appointed”:-)

road trip in pix…


the mil takes in singapore

the steps to the trainstation

In God We Trust

the mil in blue and two handbags (one holding INR and the other for sing dollars)

always deep down knew it was a one-way street to god. and singapore is kinda literal about it

why did the mmmim and the boys cross the road? get to the closest eatery of course.

bold enough


things i wish i had said today.


to the mmmim’s colleague’s wife: ma’am your husband is having an affair.

to the mmmim: i will not serve your bloody colleague (who’s having an affair) upma. i will not speak politely to him. he’s a freaking cheat.


to pesky kid: my son will not play with you, kid. you are too bloody rough.

to firstborn: stop ordering for coffee loudly when we have guests. this isnt your grandparents house. this is mine.

to william dalrymple: i finished white mughals. really. why did you have to hide the story behind your PhD thesis?