serial update


Tam serials are better produced — better locales, more camera movement, fresh faces etc.
nothing has changed when it comes to the regressive quotient. title songs are uniformly

sound engineers still make the background score so loud as to wake the baby on the floor
below us. (sorry kiddo)

most revolting scene yet: a lady faints and later throws up. her soon-to-be daughterinlaw
cups her hands and collects the vomit.

utter rubbish moment: a son slaps his father across the face, because the dad insulted the
son’s paramour.

handbag moment: there wasnt any. no one carries even decent handbags. recommend that these
babes visit KL’s Sogo.

village moment: very surprised to see that there’s one serial set in a village. content isnt
Mensan stuff. but at least the environ is earthy.

fat lady moment: there’s a fat lady who wears the brightest and most awful nighties, with the inner pennicoat hem visible under the nightie. how do director’s think up these costume
ideas? really?


baby param (almost 2 ) is refusing rice. it’s one whole month now.

he drinks milk and that’s about all. occasional pecks at non-sticky food — like roti/dosa.

but that’s it. considering how much i am cooking this is SO frustrating. even the g.parents
are wringing their hands…


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  1. Is Baby Param teething ? The back molars can take a considerable amount of time to make their appearance – and some kids lose their appetite/sleep for months. Went through this with Bunnu

  2. Hi MiM,

    1) try alternating between a sip of milk and a spoon of rice

    2) try making balls of rice that he can pick with a spoon or better still a fork

    3) even ghee rice is accpetable

    4) try putting some spice (like fried cumin /cumin powder)


    • hey. thanks for the ghee rice idea. I AM going to eat ghee rice tomorrow. heh heh. it’s delicious no? am tempted to forget abt the kid and his disregard for food,

  3. Are the tam serials still doing the slow motion, turn-face-around-and-glare-a-million-times-with-clanging-metallic-music-before-uttering-a-line thing?

    The ped says the most common call to the doc around this age is for “my kid is not eating”. 🙂 What about fruits, crackers, cheese, yogurt and stuff?

    • i dunno. i havent checked closely. but it’s not so annoying done these days, i guess.
      some serials actuaally move at a pace. my mil loses the storyline if she misses a week. whatay?
      fruits: nope.
      crackers, nope
      cheese. nope
      yogurt: nope
      but chips yep.

  4. MiM, if you ever miss an episode you can sure call me. Thanks to grandparents I know exactly which serial you are referring to in each of the categories above 🙂

    Good luck with the little one and his food. Can’t add any more wisdom than what’s already been said above.

    • oh. the fil is s.l.o.wly turning into one of those. he’s choosing the serials he wants to watch. eventually. i think he’ll turn em all down. woo hoo!
      yay! for dipster

  5. What are little girls made of, maid of?
    What are lil’ girls maid of?
    Sugar n spice and all things nice,
    That’s what lil’ girls are made of!

    What are lil’ boys made of, made of?
    What is Baby Param made of?
    Kaapitumblers and nose turned up at rice
    That’s what Baby Param is made of!

    I’m not helping at all, am I? 😉

  6. hahahaha on the tamil serials…with in laws away..the idea star singer is silent in our house finally…and dont worry about baby param..its a phase surely will go away 🙂

  7. don’t worry about the non-eating phase. my little one went through that phase too – just milk for almost a year. i worried, fretted and stressed no end, but it eases out eventually.

  8. Is it because Baby P doesn’t like how rice feels on his fingers? A friend’s kid does that.. he loves the ‘clean’ feeling he has when he picks up roti, dosa etc and hence doesn’t eat rice.
    Can you just try making balls of rice? or maybe just mix rice, paruppu, veggies etc together dip into some bread crumbs n toast like a cutlet? If he likes chips or something similar, you could keep a small bit of it in each ball of rice (we did that for my sister when she was a baby)..
    Hope its just a phase and that it goes away soon!

  9. if its the sticky finger sydrome then dry finger foods help -if he picks at rotis, make parathas- with potato, or cauliflower,or methi, or onions and ajwain. Or then while making the dough mix in last night’s dal. atleast he will get more than carbs in. ( mail if more detailed recipe needed)

    thats the punjabi’s default solution!

    • omg! a surecipe!!

      now i have read everything.

      actually, got the hang of dal ki roti, from my neighbour. i feed it to fb. will do it on bp too then.

      (thought of sanah on her bday…. driving to spore)

  10. Mine used to refuse paruppu/sambar/rasam and rice in any form but will eat pulao – I guess the non-sticky rice grains helped. So pulao and curd it was – every day.

    • come to think of it … bp has tried lemon rice. on his own volition. but he stopped that after a week. non-stickiness helps. but after a point … he’s bored by same ol’

    • whoa! no clue. wordpress pulled a bag over my eyes while i was in spore. am trying to find my old blog in my new one. tech support pls.

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