road trip


my body is still in singapore, but we are back home in KL.
the mmmim’s idea of a holiday is 2.3 days. so i have to key in this post with a headachey-one eye-shut note.

(meanwhile even with this one eye: i am horrified that wp has been changing the look of my blog, while i was eating idlis at Murugan Idli Kadai, Singapore)

like any self-respecting road trip, ours too began with baby param bringing out his milk on the front of my dress, 35 minutes into our journey.

yep. vomit-flavoured car-freshener.
on a six-hour drive.

but things got better after that.
mostly because we’d packed our combined weight in masalapapad, appalam, murukku, thengol and kaju katli.
and we drowned our sorrows in kaapi (packed in two flasks– by the mil)

the only thing that made the roadtrip seem longer than it actually was = firstborn.
the mil was thrilled with what microlittle we saw of singapore.

mostly we saw the inside of
1. komalas
2. anandha bhavan
3. saravana bhavan
4. murugan idli (as already mentioned)
5. murugan idli (first floor — not as already mentioned)
6. murugan idli (outside waiting area — not as already mentioned)

i think we dinned in the “cleanliness bit” a little too much. the mil wanted to know if trees would be fined for littering dried leaves as well. heh heh.

the mmmim loved the merlion and the sentosa rides. who would have thought?
just discovered that the mmmim, his mum and dad look at people’s noses first. they love people with sharp-noses…

(their side of the family doesnt seem to have any redeeming features?)


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  1. nice post. yeah, most of our singapore trip also was spent in the above mentioned places except the first floor of murugan idli shop. but i liked KL way better. Cleanliness and Singapore? you guys should come visit Muscat πŸ™‚

    • WHAT? muscat is that clean? freaking freakish freakonomics.
      i need this faint vomit-flavoured stench to permeate the air, to feel kinda at home. how blech of muscat

      • yeah. they vacuum the roads everyday in the middle of the night πŸ™‚ it was my son who as he stepped foot in Sing said, ‘Amma, YOU said Singapore is the world’s cleanest city! How could you?” It could also be an overdose of Muscat-itis… he’s here since three months and he’s now 11 πŸ™‚ But Muscat is indeed clean!

  2. Whoa!!! I was here just a few mins back and this looked different!!! ..
    Niceeeeeeeee!! πŸ™‚ But i miss ur headers.

    Dropped by to say send in ur photo frame craft entry for the artsy-craftsy.

    • oh shruti!
      but i never win a prize in your contests 😦 there’s way too much talent on display there..

      this time you should have a prize for the entry that is “least likely to win a prize”… heh heh!

    • the mil was commenting on the rest-rooms on the highways… so clean and peaceful. you could take a nap in the loo and forget that the fil was waiting in the car.

  3. MMMiM and his parents look at noses? That’s too funny ‘coz that is exactly what my mom does and they have to pass the sharp factor as well πŸ™‚

  4. Where did my original comment disappear ?

    a) Did you suitably load up on snacks from Singapore on the return trip ?
    b) Which eatery won the battle of the softest Idlis and the tastiest food ?

    • very pertinent questions. esp q.1.

      we found some treasures (listed in order of importance) in Mustapha

      1. besan flour 1 kg (in order to make sure our homemade bajjis turn out yummies, crispier etc) the besan in KL is quite blah

      2. benana chips (need i elaborate)

      3. sanjeev kapoor’s khana khazana lime pickle and mango chhundo (this hasnt hit our local stores yet)

      softest idli@murugan
      but the best sambar was @ananda bhavan
      komala’s was a disappointment…

  5. erm, good thing I’m yet to meet the mmmim. even snakes have sharper noses than what i have.

    pictures please! and we want a header image permitting template 😦

    if you wonder if your readers make more tantrums than fb+b.param put together, you are probably right.

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