road trip in pix…


the mil takes in singapore

the steps to the trainstation

In God We Trust

the mil in blue and two handbags (one holding INR and the other for sing dollars)

always deep down knew it was a one-way street to god. and singapore is kinda literal about it

why did the mmmim and the boys cross the road? get to the closest eatery of course.


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  1. LOL at the one way Perumal Rd….Trust S’pore to come up with such an image! FB looks so much like the mmmim from the back – the stance, the walk….

    Sigh – I want to move to S’pore I think. Just for the Lakshminarasimhan Restaurant 🙂


    • Firstborn is a straightline redefined. just like his dad.
      baby param was doing better… now he’s following the men’s footsteps

      KL’s pretty great too: Annalakshmi/ Saravana Bhavan/ Sangeetha/ Chaat

  2. mami 2 pai vechundu kalakkara..and S’pore is heaven when it comes to being abroad and yet feeling Indian..- thats what I hear from my frnds who live there.

    • i think i plan. yes.
      because there’s so much i want to tell.
      and i want to do it with pix.
      and so i click when their backs are turned..

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