how many MiMs


make a MiM?

i would say i have enough MiM girthwise to make at least two adult-sized Mims.

shankar mahadevan has enough energy for seven shankar mahadevans at least. saw him on TV. amazing chap.


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  1. How many MiMs are blooming right now in a KL country garden
    I’ll tell you now of some that I know, those I miss you’ll surely pardon
    Superchef-MiM & Sugar-high MiM, Param-chaser MiM and Coffee-Guzzler MiM
    All blooming together on a whim

  2. I say the more MiMs there are, the better – because then they could write twice as often on their blog, making this fan VERRRY happy. (hint hint) 🙂

  3. the print lover has said some very wise words, are both the MiMs listening? If there is a third lurking, train her to do the snatching.
    shankar mahadevan, all seven of him, glanced lazily at the 8 month pregnant lady next to him trying to pick a huge suitcase off the baggage conveyor belt. An old man stepped past him and helped me. Needs to preserve all energy for the singing, i guess.

    • another slimeball uncovered …
      why didnt you leave me to my illusions?

      music says there’s seven surs? are there?

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