the fil.


fil to mil: “i think i will have lunch 10 minutes later.”

fil to me: ” could you please fetch me a pen.”

and so I do.

and he happily chooses a page from firstborn’s “dot to dot” book. And sits down to finish it.

78 going on 5

that would be the fil…(dad of five, teacher, big brother to 6, grandpa to 9, vigilance officer, a one-time expert on telephones, principal, rasamaholic, maker of the chewiest vella appams)



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    • er.
      for more youthful entertainment..
      you can also try
      1. lego
      2. jigsaw puzzles
      3. sticker fun

      *i hate all of the above*

  1. My kids are going to say the same thing about their dad…TS has, since our wedding, bought 2 colouring books, 3 crayon sets, assorted paints, various back-to-school knick-knacks! Sigh. Wait…epiphany…is this an unexplored guy thing?

  2. love that love that…
    the mil recently looked at antartica and shuddered. she wanted to know how ppl there drank kaapi

  3. its only so that FB learns to share, and compete, and realises that “his” things are not his alone.

    we are true socialists in our house too when it come to “her” chocolates, puzzles, lego sets and paints. “Our ” things like phones, laptops, and other gizmo are adult things that she can not touch. She has begun asking why we dont share- will tell her about capitalism and liberalisation in the house soon.
    ( if you ever have the impulse to save us from us, you are welcome to save her from us!)

    • lol! sanah needs her own camera. and then she wont want the adult gizmos i think

      ( my friend bhu gave her then 6 year old a very lovely camera and the child took very lovely photos.)

  4. That’s an adorable FIL 🙂

    I call my Dad to tell him a Santa-Banta joke and that makes his day!
    Its true what they say about oldies, they are just babies with wrinkled skin 🙂

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