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rip swarnalatha


am not a fan. the mmmim is.

i found her too shrill. too piercing. too high octavey.

dislike aatama therotamma
dislike porale ponnu thaiyee
dislike maalayil yaaro

songs that the mmmim totally loves.
and yet…

i liked the person behind the voice, when i saw her singing on TV. A certain simplicity. a certain humbleness. a certain quietness in demeanour though her voice was the very opposite.





my dad’s side is rather formal. everyone is referred to as Mr, Ms or Dr.

firstborn, to his utter delight gets the doctor, prefix

we have only polite nicknames if any. someone got called “routine” because he kept saying the word in every sentence.

my ma tried to call someone “beans” because he wanted to eat only beans 3 times a day, seven days a week. but it was vetoed by dad.

on the other hand…
the mil who has for years now been referring to some people as…

1.mysore pak
2. porulangai urundai
3. rava idli.
4. vadai paithyam (crazy about vadas)

instead of their regular names.
she has non-foodie nicknames like ‘parangal’ (hard rock).
and aavin maama, and kollupai thaadai(chubby cheek) and poo jetty (flowery underwear), and paasi( moss) and naandhan maami (it’s me, maami) and paagal (nutjob) and c by 2 (half crack)
i wonder what nickname i’ll have in her book: i hope it’s going to be kadalai maavu payasam. i hope it’s not c by 4

Gokulashtami @ KL


seriously. you cant blame a ma, for doing this to her kid.

and if i use like 1/100th of that iron-disciplining on my kids, my dad is on the cellphone calling the police. and my ma is on the landline calling my In-laws

why there’s more squish than footprint in my kolam? smartassbride! it’s baby param!aaargh