Gokulashtami @ KL


seriously. you cant blame a ma, for doing this to her kid.

and if i use like 1/100th of that iron-disciplining on my kids, my dad is on the cellphone calling the police. and my ma is on the landline calling my In-laws

why there’s more squish than footprint in my kolam? smartassbride! it’s baby param!aaargh


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      • Heh – my mom is here – so we had uppu and vella seedai, fruit salad, vadai, vella-aval, milk, curd, appam, navaneetham plus usual meal stuff! Am still reeling, 12 hours later πŸ™‚

        • i *just* knew it . there’s this extra zing in your first comment that i couldnt put a finger on.
          and voila. you spill the beans that ma is there…!
          lucky M.
          the reeling will only continue…

    • er.
      center kolam is pretty shaky and ordinary.

      i dont multitask PV — if i do one thing am too tired to take on the world… and dress up the kids

      just stuck to footprints

  1. MiM, if only You were on God duty instead of the real God, I could get my prayers answered in a jiffy. cha.

    the first pic is lovely, the second is lovelier! i’ve always loved the prints made by real baby feet. even though they don’t resemble the “perfect” baby prints.

    I always request neighborhood kids to do the honour. They love it – dip their feet straight into the dabba and walk over where ever they want to. so we end up having a krishna who spends his max time where the seedai is.

    One year, we had a kutti bladder kid(“enakku ishi poganum!ippaveeeeeee”) and max prints were near the bathroom πŸ˜€

    • always give a wide margin for susu breaks…lol!
      my fist was @work for the prints… bp was just there to step on my hardwork and provide no respite

  2. Don’t be modest MiM. Very nicely done. I’m seeing these dressed up balagopala pics from friends’ kids on FB and wondering if I’m denying myself something.. but I don’t have a peacock feather and what’s a balagopala without one?

  3. Mim,

    Krishnar kaal is too cute.. the squishes add to its beauty. And that krishna idol is beautiful. Your friend has good taste! πŸ™‚

    Do dress up the little ones and add a pic pls..

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