my dad’s side is rather formal. everyone is referred to as Mr, Ms or Dr.

firstborn, to his utter delight gets the doctor, prefix

we have only polite nicknames if any. someone got called “routine” because he kept saying the word in every sentence.

my ma tried to call someone “beans” because he wanted to eat only beans 3 times a day, seven days a week. but it was vetoed by dad.

on the other hand…
the mil who has for years now been referring to some people as…

1.mysore pak
2. porulangai urundai
3. rava idli.
4. vadai paithyam (crazy about vadas)

instead of their regular names.
she has non-foodie nicknames like ‘parangal’ (hard rock).
and aavin maama, and kollupai thaadai(chubby cheek) and poo jetty (flowery underwear), and paasi( moss) and naandhan maami (it’s me, maami) and paagal (nutjob) and c by 2 (half crack)
i wonder what nickname i’ll have in her book: i hope it’s going to be kadalai maavu payasam. i hope it’s not c by 4


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  1. ada ada ada..enna peru! my vote goes to poo jetty..some nicknames at our home include
    1.unda kannan/unda kanni ( big popping eyes)
    2.onakka kolli( mix of tamil and mallu word- someone who is too thin and tall)
    3.rubber kundi ( thats mine- coined by appa-cos I never used to sit in one place)
    4.ethu vaali ( someone who is gud at dodging)

  2. โ€œKadalai Maavu Payasamโ€ โ€“ meaning?

    Maybe this blog reader should add a disclaimer “non tamil reader, but very interested in sub titles.”

    • sur: KMP (PV- you know this) is the liquefied version of mysorepak –so hot and sweet and has cashews and saffron. and it’s ready in 10 minutes.
      so when my in-laws were here… this was what was rustled up at all the mini-celebrations…:-)

  3. ROFL at c/2. We used to use that a lot at home also, and yes we are a nicknaming family. My grandpa who was in Elathur(near ambasamudram) was called “Singam siva” because his house had an emblem of the Lion on it ๐Ÿ™‚ Another mama there was called
    “Vattapottu”(round bindi) since he used to always wear a round bindi with Kumkum ! He was Vattapottu till he passed away..I guess people nearly forgot his original name ๐Ÿ™‚

    So do tell, why KMP? (Kadalai maavu payasam)

  4. we discuss a lot of dad’s work at home. so any popular(!) rowdies’ names were lovingly remembered to be given to the next annoying relative.

    at college, we used terms like “flat-filed”(for a person with erm, a flat rear ), dori dapsaa and such. promise you won’t judge me just based on this comment?

  5. Hearing “c by 2” after all these years feels so good on the ears. ๐Ÿ™‚ We had an “endha-model” on our street cos the endha-model uncle always and forever wanted to know the model of our grandpa’s ambassador.

    • that is so “mokka blade” of him. i hate these types who tell the same ol’ time after time.

      we know someone, who kills us with her repertoire (of same ol’s). how do you survive an onslaught i ask you?

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