a newly toilet-trained toddler


is one who will pee in one bathroom.

and head to the other bathroom.

and use the flush there


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  1. So cute 🙂
    My ‘sometimes’ toilet trained toddler will pee in the potty chair kept for him and then promptly spill the contents on the floor.

    • *oh man. RS. you are a young mum who still has energy for kid #2*
      **all hail**

      by the time baby param came along… i got too old and tired of the potty chair.

      i just sit him on the toilet seat and tell him to poop.

      • ROFLing!

        same with always-sterilised colourful tommy tippee bowl/cutlery which was totally replaced by a steel katori/chamach. and the mashed up food that did not exist the 2nd time around. and no special food – all eat the same stuff. oh man.

        • ‘always sterilised’ egad.

          have to hide with shame at the fuss i made for firstborn…

          called up my paediatrician for recipes while starting solids in the sixth month. he looked surprised. he told me to call up the kid’s grandparents instead.


  2. you shall not reap where you will sow.

    the line popped into my head on reading the post. i think toddler param will get it- i am still struggling to figure it out.

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