mim maimed


about a quarter of an inch’s worth of my right middle finger (the tip) got chopped clean off in the food processor…

(i was going to make french fries — but looks like i was making finger chips — v. black humour. i know.)

three hankies full of blood.
blood on the mmmmim’s dhoti
blood on firstborn’s shorts…
blood on the floor ( that baby param thought it was ketchup)

but. there’s good news. the bone was missed. and the doctor thinks the skin will grow back in a few weeks…
and there’s better news: ma is taking the next flight in.


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    • we cldnt find the missing piece. it was smashed with the aloo…
      it looks gruesome to me… though

      and the pain must have been hell for dhruv…:-(

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh u crazy woman!!!! hope u r doing ok.
    Hugsssssss.. Must be hurting like crazy. U must have risen to cult status in FB’s eyes after all that blood shed!!
    Gosh! Shudders. Huggs. Huggs n double hugs. glad ur ma is comi ng in to give u a soundful!

  2. OMG! Hope you get well soon.

    I had almost chopped off my left middle finger 10 years ago. It took a long time to heal and I still have a scar where it got cut.

    What’s with this bobbittian mentality, I say? πŸ™‚

    • post my accident, i also heard of stacks of horror stories of severed fingers, of a glass bangle chewing right into the flesh, hands getting stuck in the grinder, bike accidents that caused permanent damage, electrocuted thumbs, etc.

  3. omg.. u crazy girl…(all the bad jokes you are making).. take care.. take rest. But don’t stop blogging..(type with your left hand alone if you must). Hope the pain has stopped and really glad your ma is on her way.

  4. I think i began to swoon on reading your post. The superb collection of gruesome jokes in the comments padded my fall.

    Yes, liver hearted me is not able to come up with one funny line.

    Take care. ( thinking about the pain you must have felt is making me go weak in the knees)

    • hey hey sur.
      root canal is far, far worse… on the pain quotient.

      this incident just had a lot of blood. that’s all

  5. wow! I’ve always had nightmares of such mishaps in the kitchen. You’re living my nightmares, lady! You’re now the reigning queen of the kitchen. Hail to thee, milady.
    errr.. take care.

  6. oh my God…it must have hurt like crazy…please take care..and type with your left hand..who knows with all your practice after regular blogging you can as well enter ‘india’s got talent’ as the fastest typer with one hand..is typer correct or is it typist???

  7. Eeeeyikes! Been there, done that, hurts like hell for bl**dy ages… hope you get better soon. Kind of a drastic way to get your mom to visit though, isnt it, MiM? πŸ™‚ Wouldnt begging her pathetically have had the same result without the pain to yourself?

  8. ayyooooooooooo! take care please. get any number of kisses from the men of the household. they are known to heal wounds.

    really glad that it missed the bone.

    badhrama paathukonga(garnier use pannuveengala?)

    • is that garnier’s line… they still have it? sahikallai, no?

      the kisses have dried up. ma’s cocktail idlies havent

  9. ouchie..u ok now? aanalum unga amma aa oo na KL vanthudaraanga..lucky u..btw,I am a mommie to a girl now..my little donut arrived 2nd oct ..will catch up with ur blog a few weeks later may be..

    • a girl! how awesomely lucky!!!!!!!!!! everybody seems to have girls except moi.
      v.v.v.v.v. envious. lots of rest now sub. your turn to take care

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