my fav. ungli pj and other assorted pj’s


what do you call bruce lee’s finger?


and the rest of my fav…

what’s his preferred bfast

and his favourite pastime


and his fav. lunch


(all from my class XI friend K.)


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  1. this is not arbit PJ, its padinaarbit PJ

    (okay old recycled one but what the heck plus iā€™m not in worginal-PJ-generating mode right now)

  2. Oh MiM love-lee
    Your finger got chopped sudden-lee
    Your time to blog got cut rapid-lee
    But how can you so brazen-lee
    Subject us to such PJs with g-lee
    Forcing readers to roam through each Ga-lee
    Muttering every possible Gaa-lee
    Footpath ke Oopar Socho KL-Walee
    And banish such jokes to a dirty Naa-lee

  3. ung-lee PJs : please to forgive

    #1 MiM has atleast one finger in every (vegetable) pie
    #2 MiM is a hard worker- she has worked her finger to the bone-literally.
    #3 MiM is a problem solver because she puts a finger on the problem(and leaves it there)
    #4 MiM is Gandhian – she does not lay a finger on anyone, just lets it lie there.
    #5 MiM is not manipulative. She does not twist anyone around her finger. She twists her finger around everything-and leaves it there.
    #6 Your things are safe around MiM, she does not have sticky fingers, she just sticks her finger to your things and walks away, leaving you to have her finger.

    ok now i am going to get nightmares. and i will tremble as i go to my food processor.

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