the week with only 9.9 fingers


~ i bathed with one hand raised. v. peculiar
~ spilt milk
~ teeth brushed with my left hand
~ got the mmmim to brush baby param’s teeth
~ got firstborn to bathe baby param
~ made the kids wear dresses without buttons
~ ate idlis with my left hand
~ didnt comb my hair. left it to ma.
~ swallowed 10 antibiotics and about 15 painkillers
~ heard 3466 flip the bird jokes
~ recounted incident 465 times
~ the neighbours sent in bfast, lunch and dinner
(until mum came)
~ the mmmim learnt to make rasam for two days
~ didnt wash a single vessel. not even a spoon
~ scared off two friends from ever using the food processor
~ used the food processor again. but this time. switched it off. before i scooped out the veggies.


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  1. finger food for thought: what made MiM scoop the veggies before putting the food processor off?

    Are you walking around with your middle finger raised in the sky?

    Try and put up your feet until the finger grows back.

    • aneela would have the perfect hindi repartee.

      kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hain, and i have to click on publish asap.

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