the middle finger


healed fast. homoeo speeded recovery 200 per cent.

the hand-surgeon was disappointed to let my hand go. (we were forking out fistfuls of ringgitt per nanosecond, or so claimed the mmmim)

deluged with party invitations…

in my case

1 invitation = deluge.
2 = catastrophe.
3 = run for your life

this bday party culture has got to stop.


and next i hear talk of diwali parties (*sob*) round the corner… why wont people leave me to my ‘tanhai’ …

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  1. Good to know you’re healing quickly. The quicker the better. Then you’ll be all ready to hit those parties…woohoo! πŸ˜€ I would SO hate to be in your shoes πŸ˜€

    • it’s bloody psychotic — the rate at which the social world has hijacked me….

      my mental state graph looks like this symbol \

  2. Gosh…talk of tanhai….I need buckets of it!! My days and worse still weekends are so full of birthdays and weddings and what not…I’m often wondering is everyone planning to tire me out?

    Good luck with your tanhai-seeking and wish me the same…..

  3. Tell hand surgeon to get out of Amitabh in Silsila induced hand holding mania “pakadi kalaai to na chhodoonga kabhi” unless you were channeling Rekha haath pakad ke dikha o soniya haath pakad ke dikha

  4. was that a hint???
    i am absolutely fine with meeting afterwards when u get a break with all the bday party invites….really
    let me know

    • honey! yours is the beacon monday we are looking fwd to. (and mostly because there’s nary a mmmim’s colleague’s wife in sight… bliss)
      we’ll be there:-)

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