non bloggers dont have this scary aura


met one such for bfast. RS isnt a blogger. but an occasional commenter… and she moved here to KL, a few months ago.

(and since every reader here is interested in the fine print here goes… @ her place
i ate
1. hot tikkis
2. chole
3. dahi vadas
4. fresh nimbu paani
5. dhokla

and much more…)

her almost 2 year old and baby param had a largely non-verbal argument about laptops. both wanted the one that wasnt working.:-)

RS was warm and funny and practical. and i totally enjoyed the chat.

and here’s the photo reva sent in. She won a contest held in this space looong ago. And really sweet of her to send me this photo of her husband’s birthday spread (featuring the place mats i sent)
hey! dont bother looking at what’s under the plate… look at what’s on it.


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  1. it was so much fun meeting you MiM. oh..i am still reeling under the excitement…you did a post about me…….oh wow…thx
    and the breakfast did not compare with your idlis and rasam (yummy)..

    • thanks for your post in your blog. i know i should thank you there, but i think i’ll take a printout on monday and pass it to the friend…

      i think that should help.

      total indepth it was. thanks

  2. I met one blogger commenter and the only thing was since they are not bloggers, we dont really know them? Unlike other bloggers we read. I much much prefer meeting bloggers 🙂

    • bloggers have too much of their life on display. so i always get this larger than life sensation (Bollywood starlike) about ’em.
      non-bloggers seem to be regular people who put their socks on, one at a time.

      and my ma fainted when she heard that you are going off your blog. she’s v. dependent on monday moneysavers. v.v.v dependent.
      pls keep it on

  3. okay. i’ve sort of been off blogging for a while so am practically a non-blogger.
    might come to KL soon, so i ask.

    agree with God btw.

    • erm. you just ate delicious dahi vadas last week or something right? you probably have yum stuff in the fridge. go raid

    • sowkiyama?

      and reva can courier food (in v.v.v. special cases ) i think

      i dunno if she couriers dining tables (colour coordinate with food) as well

    • as a precautionary measure… you may do so on the last day of your trip. yes.

      after you meet the kids — a drowsy numbness may overcome your being… , and you may want to take the next flight home.

    • witch doctor. no no no . more vampirish creatures bloggers are…

      see = *bares a fang*
      ps. fang that has recently been dipped in besan laddoo

  4. Girly.. you made it into a post! I am beyond touched. 🙂

    TPL… thank you! Those mats would make any dining table look good!!

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