the un-attached bathroom


we weekend gotawayed to a place that had t h i s much space between the loo and the mini-room we stayed.

v.v.v. odd.

i have never lived in a place where the bathroom wasn’t at the heart of the house are at least at the kidney of the house . but here the loo was a whole half a kilometre away. the washbasin, even further.

see ma's saree in red. that's our room. see firstborn yonder wearing that silly ring. there was our bathroom. *gasp*

and other stories.

the place had a swing and all, but we were too busy counting the steps to and fro the loo trips

the mmmim thinks i am the paparazzi. honestly

a chinese mini temple. but it had empty beer cans nearby. So Gods do get thirsty, huh?

how hot water was arranged for our baths

ma and the grandsons

oh i forgot. it was a beach we went to


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  1. rofl about the loo.

    Back when I was childfree(and sane), NK worked in Kl and I was in Singapore. So Friday night, I would take the bus(since were so broke) 6 hour journey or so, he would meet me at the station and we did short cheap get aways..
    Cheap roti canai and teh tarik…

    Our last one was to Genting when I was 7 months preggo with first child in 98″. It feels like a lifetime away.Sighhhh

  2. 1. lovely pix.

    2. your mom STILL has jet black hair?!

    3. love that swing. we have half of it.

    4. why was the loo so far away?!

    • 2. every month she makes a v. smelly hairpack of mehndi + beetroot juice, kaapi decoction, lemon juice, sesame oil … that’s how

      3. here in blore? or back home?

      4. the owner said he didnt want the beach sand getting into his rooms. this was a way to prevent guests from messing the rooms post a beach splash

  3. Ohmigod:(
    The place looks great though.
    In my childhood winters in Delhi we’d be issued one kettle of hot water per bath:(
    I now bathe in hot water all year round.

  4. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    My aunt has this traditional kind of house in Mysore where the loo is farrrr away πŸ˜‰ So scary during night times esp. on those full-moon nights with that pussy cat meowwwwing πŸ™„

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