a malaysian deepavali


we have spent three deepavalis here in Malaysia…

what i like…

1. the cookie culture. not mithai. the locals give away boxes of home made biscuits and cookies.
even the local tv channel’s cookery hostess teaches us how to make cookies with pumpkin seeds and such…


would never attempt. but nice to know

2. the peacock motif is a recurring theme. i see it all around me. blue and green glittery feathers, cardboard decorations, rangoli, invitation cards… similar to the oil lamp motif

3. ang-pao. a malaysian custom of giving cash in a special cover that says “happy deepavali”. it’s a chinese new year custom that spread to festivals of all religions.

4. open house. celebrating deepavali upto two weeks before and two weeks after deepavali by inviting friends and relatives. this is a very elastic concept. deepavali open house can be even one month later.
firstborn’s school is having deepavali and related festivities on Nov. 12.:-)

(i love this relaxed concept. no one is rushing to find the correct mahurat and the day and auspicious nanosecond. )

5. crackers are banned. fireworks are allowed. light. but no noise. the kids are thrilled.

what i made. palkova.

seven hours of stirring. four litres of buffaloes milk. one and a half tumblers of sugar. midway horror — brown/black cream because of the pan getting burnt.
transferred to next pan.
more stickiness.
add ghee and try to escape.
finally transfer to pressure cooker.
alls well.
never again.


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  1. Happy Diwali MiM!

    Can hear lots of noise around as I type this – somehow this is part of Diwali for me! There is much talk of soundless smokeless crackers being available from next year on, but I have a feeling that’ll have crazier chemicals.

  2. As Shankari says, easy microwave palkova, tharthipal or white sweet as its known in my house, just add condensed milk, one spoon ghee and one spoon curd and leave it in the microwave for 5 minutes(0n 900w, adjust as necessary) and it’ll be ready and done.

  3. There, there mim, even I did what you did, just that I was lucky, it didnt burn:)
    its ok:)
    I knew about the microwave version, just that my reason was:excess milk in the house, which had to be consumed and milk cant be converted to palkova in microwave so soon:)

    • thanks nivi…

      how painful was my palkova
      i removed 47 tiny creamy pieces of burnt milk with a spoon. this is the inside story…

      and the vessel is still 20 per cent black at the bottom. hot water, soap, detergent and scrubbing STILL hasnt done the trick

        • I seem to have missed wishing you! Belated wishes –
          also, boil vinegar in the afflicted pathram – it will loosen the charred bits, which can then be scraped off….std. Grocery store vinegar will do.

  4. I was ticking off the points to see my KL knowledge for the first diwali here. Peacocks and cookies I agree. Did’nt get any ang-pao 😦 so dont know..but wait my daughter got some of those envelopes during navratri

    But crackers…were they banned… I saw them bursting all around me.. with lights off course..but they did make sound…loud ones

    And sweets, I always prefer the microwave version..less jhanjhat..when do i taste the Palkova.
    Happy Diwali!!

    • i saw the ones go up in the air and burst into a lovely umbrella of colour… ooops. they must have been right outside your window no?

      we couldnt hear much noise here. just the occasional faint rumble of a pop.

      you should getaway to Morib or something next deepavali

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