physical torture + mental torture = dental torture


firstborn isnt a child with a sweet tooth
not crazy over chocolate/pastry.
doesnt snack between mealtimes
recognises and avoids junk food.
has never drunk fizzy juices

and he has many, many cavities.

we are now brushing his teeth for him twice a day, and asking him to rinse after every meal…

what else do i do?


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  1. You can blame your genes for it πŸ™‚ Okay okay don’t throw that toothbrush on me, but seriously I did read somewhere, don’t remember the source that cavities in a child comes from the mom’s genes πŸ™‚ I very very often guilt my mom by saying she is the reason I have so many cavities!

    • agreed. my genes are terrible. and the mmmim’s arent all that great either.

      what do we do now? terribly worried…

  2. See, we are soul sisters. Sanah’s teeth are a mess- and i was SUPER careful about the usual stuff- feeding to sleep, no sugar in milk, no fizzy drinks, etc etc. her paed dentist told me to calm down- she has decalcification- seems like she is born with a calcium deficiency that manifests eagerlyin the vulnerable milk teeth. i make her brush twice- and use a mouth wash( slightly watered down) at night. it has helped- but the damage had been done. the dentist also cleaned up the teeth and did temp fillings that have held on pretty well. she ishopiong this will ensure there are root canals at a later stage.

    i wept, when i noticed the first signs of decay. but have really worked hard at making sure she does not become conscious – though i drill it into her head that she has to be careful.

    yes, its damn bloody tough to keep the balance.

    • me too sur. the dentist is = Satan. my worst fear. i often have teeth-related nightmares … maybe it’s even a phobia.

      i was shivering when fb had to lie down on the dentist’s chair. i was a wreck. and we have an appointment next week…*sigh*

  3. It’s genes, MiM. I used to get so mad when I got married, all my in-laws only brush in the morning and never go to the dentist, while I have always been riddled with cavities 😦 My daughter’s got my teeth 😦 Spent a bomb on fillings last month on daughter. And son has super-healthy teeth, tho’ we were v careless w brushing the first couple of years.

    Flossing and tongue cleaning also needs to be done as often as you can without going insane πŸ™„

    For fb’s rear molars, once they come in, ask for a sealant to protect them.

    • oh and they paint the kids’ teeth with some kind of flouride too. that what my desi dentist would do every year on our trip to des.

  4. MiM, if you’re okay with homeo, there are awesome medicines for dental procedures, Dhruv had a root canal (for an injured tooth) and it was done without anesthetic, using Arnica, Hypericum and Calendula. You’ll have to ask a homeo doc abt the meds.

  5. that is my story. i brush 58 times a day and still have cavities. i think its a calcium deficiency. i’ve been better since i took calcium supplements during pregnancy. most of all, check for blocked noses. kids who have colds breathe through the mouth and that causes cavities. all the best – i wouldnt wish my teeth on any poor child.

  6. haha πŸ˜€ sorry but couldnt help… the title makes me grin form ear to ear! Love your way with words MiM!!
    And sorry again..have no advice regarding dental problems 😦 have been spending so much on filling cavities and RCTs..they say my tooth structure is itself prone to decay 😦 After all the damage is done..they advise me to floss regularly! Dunno if I can sue them for not telling me this a couple of years ago ..

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