welcome to chennai


ma is holding up two placards that dad has written out, at the airport

one placard says:

baby param

the other reads

baby param

just 38 minutes in chennai, and where I stand in the pecking order is very very clear.


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  1. there is a phrase in urdu…i cant remember the exact words..shaamil shumaar-e-tasbih mein Imam nahi…one counts all the beads in the rosary except the long one which is a marker. Thats you MIM!
    Re: the baithak comment, ha! ha! I think you are confusing it with Tashreef which is a polite way to refer to the “behind” or as you said on what one sits.

    • nope. i still maintain that baithak sounds v.v.v. similar to the English word for posterior (8)


      the other beads on my rosary are pressing a few keys on this desktop..

      i have t
      o read and understand the
      in a bit)

  2. Ahem. I think you should be glad they even remembered you. My parents leave me standing with luggage and a smile that no one returns
    while they gush over you know who. And they don’t have the excuse of living in a different country!

  3. It took you all these years to realize your place?????? Thank your stars you featured on both the lists though !!
    Enjoy your stay @ home and did you book your tickets to ‘Robot’ yet? I thought you would head straight to the movie hall…baggage and all.
    KL misses you dearly 😦

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