wet, wet, wet


i cant remember chennai ever being this wet…

we came home to a lovely rainbow that we saw from our airasia flight window. i had to push aside the two kids to get a better view, and they pushed me back in return, and there was a lot of indignified pushing. really. when will my kids act their age?

and we saw the street outside ma’s house being slowly submerged.

the scene outside home


umbrellas are up...



baby param's preferred "vahana"


why did this woman cross the road? (same reason as the chicken?)

hot news. served wet

the kids stand on the grill gate, as a precautionary measure

in other news:
baby param’s tongue is mostly green in colour. my dad is making him a fancy drink.
both the kids are drinking apple juice 3 minutes before their lunch (my dad says “they are on a holiday… let them be “.)
firstborn is at his KINDEST with all other children except his brother.


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  1. I remember horrible floods when I was in Gummidipoondi, in 2004 and 2005.
    Of course Tamil Nadu gets floods when the rest of the country has gotten over their floods, somehow making it worse:(
    I bet the kids are loving it!
    What is this fancy green drink?
    Brothers will be mean to each other:(

  2. “when will my kids act their age?”

    That made me giggle. Your kids & you should all grow up together… or not, as the case may be 🙂

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