jaggery fest


this time the mil was ready for us…
she had made several bucketsful of bhakshanam.

i think she used a mountain of jaggery.
how did the rest of you manage? we must have created a serious shortfall for the rest of tamil nadu.

there was
vella appam
vella pori urundai
vella kadalai urundai
vella thengol urundai
in addition
to ribbon pakoda
MTR’s gulab jamun

the mil's way of saying "welcome"

images in reality are larger than what they seem in the photo (and there's more where they came from)


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  1. Doesnt your mother watch Ekta Kapoor serials? Doesnt she know this is really non=kosher behaviour?
    Seriously she has raised the bar. And I love the little touches like the flowers on the sweet. You are loved, I hope this makes up for no welcome placards?

    • the mil is a SUN TV serial addict — where Tam saas’s are eviller, angrier, stricter and bigger bindied than Ekta’s version…

      yep. all the flowers and sweets are partly for karthigai (a fest of lights) and mostly because the kids are around

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