“i must compliment firstborn on…”


my dad is preceding most of his phrases with these words…
“i must compliment firstborn on…”
~ his discipline
~ finishing 2 chapatis (TPL pls note)
~ on turning off the TV when asked to

i am worried it will soon be

“i must compliment firstborn on…”
~ exhaling after inhaling
~ inhaling after exhaling
~ watching chota bheem

pfui. it’s getting so annoying.


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  1. Yes, this is most irritating. All I heard from my parents was how terrible my hand writing is when I was 5. And now, their grandson’s ABC elicit such praise and mind you , they are croooked . huh ??

    Chota Bheem aa? We were read the riot act when we wanted to watch TV endlessly and here they are allowing him to happily lie in their laps and lap up the bheem. Pfui indeed !

  2. Let him have some fun.. u shud really try what i do… leave Lil p at my mom’s place and go on a trip with hubby. Ahhh grandparents n grandchild are happy.. n we get a breather.

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