a friend came home


he’s a friend that i know for nine years now.
he’s ma’s friend too.
and he’s almost family…
he played with the kids
we havent met in several years
so we talked and talked…
he bought jalebis and hot bondas
and when he left
i logged on to facebook
to find
it was
his birthday


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  1. hmm. i think given that he was friend from long before FB was even around in the heads of its creator, its better that you did not know it was his birthday, no?

    in the case of pals from the post-FB era i guess its mandatory you know the details – including when they last caught a cold.

  2. Iss ok.. He chose to spend some time with you guys on his birthday.. so he’ll know that it is the thought that counts – birthday or no birthday! πŸ™‚

    I’ve read all the posts.. but was on a vacation and so got lazy to comment. Enjoy yours!

  3. That’s so you !!!

    Anyways….the guy knew it was his b’day and he bought along stuff to eat = party/treat !! so chill….just call him and say “thanks for the treat…and hope you had a great b’day party !!”

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