time with the TV


i watched three debates on TV.

Barkha fresh from the 2g scam conducted a “The Buck Stops Here. terrible. she has to be life-member of the ‘Interrupting school of journalism. it sounds so impolite on TV. aaargh.

Yesterday was Arnab or Ornob as his guests were calling him.
Lord. that was another shouting match. He would be President of the interrupting School of Journalism. and i got the feeling that he was smirking at some of his guests too.

The best I saw was on “Headlines Today ” by Rahul Kanwal. this show, though controversial with guests like Vir Sanghvi, N Ram, Dilip Cherian, Hartosh Bal, MJ Akbar and Prabhu Chawla. But Rahul didnt butt in and rush to interrupt for the sake of interrupting. he was respectful and non-smirky.

which talkshow do you guys prefer?


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  1. None.

    All of them seem totally pointless.

    And Koffee with Karan takes the cake along with the coffee. Needs to go back to ‘skool’ and learn spellings.

  2. I watched some of these shows during the central govt elections and yes, most of the anchors were more interested in getting talk time than letting the invitee speak.
    Come here and attend your fave Oprah show. It’s her last year on the show.

  3. all tv debates these days are just noise. and a good place for people to settle private scores in front of a national audience.

    if i want news i sometimes watch good ol’ DD 🙂

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