can you smell the hot oil


first it was ribbon pakoda

then came diamond biscuits made of maida

and yesterday it was crispy but melt in your mouth thengol (1:4 urad dal to rice flour and some jeeragam = note to self in KL who is usually scratching head for recipe)

and today there is talk of cashewnut pakoda (because ma’s friend is visiting)

i can evict baby param or something. ma’s friends should move in.


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  1. ur ma sounds a lot like my ma-in-law! she in fact, has a list of everyone’s favourites that includes four sons, one daughter, one son-in-law, four daughters-in-law and 8 grand children all in her head – to make each time someone lands for a vacation. and sometimes that includes her sammandhis as well – she always knows what my brothers like too 🙂

  2. And thanks to YOU, MiMa (in Madras), I’ve discovered that not only am I greedy, I’m also prone to debilitating envy… best make sure you have an extra pakoda or 10 in my name 🙂

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