38 reasons to fly into a rage with the mmmim


~ i planned the birthday surprise.
~ rounded up 38 gifts (excluding the ompodi)
~ had the bag hidden in a corner of our home
~ called him at exactly midnight

and he’s working from home. with a couple of other colleagues. racing towards a deadline.

never mind. just take a look, i say.

and he says, “i’ll keep everything as it is. when you come back here in January, let’s open the gifts together.”


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  1. If he’d agreed to open the gifts, you’d have then asked him which of those he liked and what he thought.. all in front of the colleagues!!!!

    I am with the MMMiM on this one.

    Happy B’day MMMiM.
    ~From the PDA dislikers club.

  2. 1 reason MiM ought to write a book titled “How to surprise your husband of many years when you are tending to two children, one house, holiday packing and umpteen daily chores.” Sub-titled “Marriage is a lot of hard work. Deal with it.”

  3. There is no fun in opening the gifts alone seriously 😐
    and what’s fun in celebrating your birthday with your colleagues with deadline hovering on the head ..not good at all. 😦

  4. You might as well have sent him 38 mails, one after the other..

    Didn’t you tell him a few of there were timed to burst into music/ explode/ decay if he does not open right away? I would have said something in that lines…

  5. whats with these men I say..I wud prefer my husband open the gifts and gop ooh and ahh over the fone abt it.hmm..enna solli enna prayojanam..en purushanukku emotions kaatrthunna kilo enna vilai

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