a vacation within a vacation


we went to mysore.
ma couldnt make it in the last minute.
so it was just my dad and me and the boys.

my reputation preceded me, i think. the resort had four kinds of delicious desserts after every meal.

and they also thought the mmmim was coming for breakfast — idli, vada, dosa, samea upma, pongal, poori and aloo + sambar ; coconut : tomato chutney.

i cannot be intimate with a vada (and the rest of the aforementioned ) before 9 a.m., so i sat breakfast out.

there's a 5 y.o. and a 3 y.o hiding behind those columns

my fav. men

i often seem to find a lovable 9 y.o. who wants to take baby param off my hands. yay!

this part of the resort looked so much like KL

i love kids who can amuse themselves (with not exactly riveting stuff) like grass and dew. found this kiddo at brindavan gardens

how symmetrically and neatly these fruits are cut. if it were me, there would be only watermelon kootu or thogayal


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    • she is a daughter of doctor parents studi\ying in a small town. some adults i know havent reached her level of maturity and level-headedness. am a fan.

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