is the year I sought out my friends less, and stayed with myself more.

seized the moment to be happy in the ‘here and now.’

and arrest the downward spiralling of my thoughts…

(today is not that day. it just dawned on me that i have only 4 days left before i leave for KL)



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  1. Every dawn after you arrive at KL brings you a day closer to your next Madras vacation – plus you have a certain 38 year old to open gifts and eat Omapodi with

    Hope 2011 –
    Brings you many cashew-rich KMP Tumblers to savour
    And keeps lady luck always smiling in your favour
    With joy in solitude and in Antakshari-free company
    Cheery times galore and happy India trips very many

    • i can be on a low cashew diet
      and tolerate the loss of quiet
      my heart leaps @ antakshari-free.
      even the thought liberates me

  2. MiM, you’ve reached the zennest of zen states, in my opinion, if you’ve managed to stay with yourself! A very happy new year to you and the boys (including the one who will open your gifts in your presence only)! Have fun, Madras trips will keep coming πŸ™‚

    • hardly zen, mft.

      but it is a change from the friend-centric gal i used to be. a very happy 2011 to you too mft.
      long time no post ?

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