welcome back to KL…


where the onions and potatoes are inside the fridge.
the curryleaves and grapes are in the freezer.
and the mmmim is in charge.


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    • Wise words, pay heed MiM.

      Though i must add that the presence of a godfather instead of a horse’s head might be an attractive idea, na?

      • heh – I was going to suggest going back to her (tambram) roots! Same thing no?

        And I keep onions and potatoes in the fridge as well – they keep longer, something that’s needed, when you buy in bulk!

          • @Shyam – no, what should happen to o&p in the fridge? We found red potatoes get sweeter the longer they’re kept, so potato curry just didn’t taste right, so we switched to white potatoes (From the Indian store) – which keep just fine in the fridge. Onions – refrigeration definitely cuts down on rotting/sprouting – but I live in TX – not too cold even in winter. Outside, both start either rotting or sprouting in a week!

    • nothing like a shyamcompliment – like seppankizhangu fry on a sat. evening…:-)

      … i dunno if what i have now is blogvoicelaryngitis or (egad) blogvoiceparalysis

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