installation art


one of those days, when the mmmim shoved baby param to the left and firstborn to the right, and decided to play with their toys. he expected me to ooh and aah about this structure and its infinite beauty for a whole minute.
i managed 7 seconds.
firstborn, ever loyal, did better at 15 seconds.
baby param finished a narrow second at 14 seconds.
the mmmim ( who has at least 77 per cent reggie of archie comics in him) is still blowing kisses at this one


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  1. Arm-chair-analyst TPL says:
    The MMMiM has a penchant for order as is evident in the equidistant placement of cars. He also displays a healthy interest in automobiles, which seems to be a common feature of the general male psyche.
    Also evident is the need for praise, again a key aspect of the said male psyche.

    • 1. I cured the mmmim of his orderly ways. towels are on the bed. the school fees is forgotten. and he rushes back to get his handphone

      2. healthy interest only in his own automobile. and since there is so much dried spit up, newspapers, old CDs, and forgotten groceries lying there… he’s kinda getting lukewarm in that dept as well…

      3. sadly, tpl, only the last point i cant seem to remedy

      how are you TPL? which blogger is going to announce your delivery???

  2. TPL’s precise analysis of the installation is remarkable.
    As is your(futile) attempt at remedying an essential part of the male psyche.

    No wonder you are too busy reading heavy duty books – mobilising inner strength to battle genetic coding?

    • sur: sometimes i feel if i bang my head on these tomes i read, they may knock more sense into me… why do i bother reading, really?

  3. @TPL/Sur: ROFL!

    yay party again at MiM’s! Don’t you go away again MiM. If nothing tell us about the hi-funda books you are borrowing.

    Also, would say you should check out Terry Deary instead as reco-ed by the child (The Fire Thief Trilogy is a good one to start with). On recent train trip (solo!) folks were giving me weird looks – kept snorting all through the journey. Such is the power of dear Mr.Deary.

  4. The awesome relief at having this space to party in again! Thanks MMMiM for inspiring this post!
    Great analysis, TPL, great refutation of said analysis by MiM.
    Hi girls *waves to all the good old commenters happily gathered here*

    • actually, ca, you are giving praise where it is totally due: fb and baby param shared their toys and held their breath, while their dad made this balancing act.

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