time table


firstborn wants to make a timetable. he says we are faffing off too much. he wants structure. he wants order. and he wants to learn the tamil alphabet.

i wailed.

all these years, i had time at my disposal. we could climb up 13 floors just because. we could play with the dust falling inside our house when a ray of sunlight comes in. we could walk downstairs and fetch a big stick fallen from a big tree whenever we liked. we could circle the corridor in bicycles at dusk. we could lie down and read library books in the morning.

but now young Mr. Type A, poised with a sharp pencil in his hand, is asking me how to spell the “study” in study time so that he can put it down on his timetable.

i may have lost the battle.

but i havent lost the war…

i am putting down tree-time (where we go down the road to see a tree, we are already friends with)

i am putting down singing aloud (i was too afraid to teach…)

The mmmim is putting down ‘teach baby param something new’ (this is a double-edged sword, methinks)

as we are all sitting down together, i was thinking of asking you if there is anything else you think should be there in his daily time table?


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  1. Being foolish time!

    My child is turning out to be type A too – i have pulled her out of a school that gave homework to 4 year olds, and teach cursive writing to 5 year olds, and put her in a school that will teach reading and writing when she is seven. What does she do? Complain! She says she misses homework, and she already reads very well so does not mid that part. Luckily she loves what they do in this current school, so all the complaining is done about lack of structure in the house.

    But foolish time has been pencilled in with dedication – as a family!

  2. Make sure you put in some time which is devoted to doing chores so Amma doesn’t have to do them. It’s all for his own good. *looks pi*

    Sur — I do not believe that girl. LOL!

    • this is not even timetable. sue. machiavelli is me.

      this is now routine.

      erm. how do i put this down in invisible ink so that my ma doesnt read this and tell my dad…:

      firstborn and baby param put back the washed dishes /hang clothes/ fb has to take bp to the loo/fb has to fetch water for sofa-bound mums

  3. How about getting him a plant and letting him take care of it completely? Water everyday, change positions to new windows, measure height weekly and so on.. I would’ve suggested getting him a pet fish but u guys travel frequently nah..

    • am going to follow your suggestion TPL – for my child. we have a lot of plants, and she used to help, but would end up spilling water that would drip to the flat below us. but i think her hand eye coordination is very good now. shall get back to this – thanks.

    • sands!!
      i hate board games… it brings out the weepy passive-aggresive loser who can never get a six and get out of jail in me.

      • I can relate to that. But it also teaches you to not be all childish when playing with your own kids and try to be the grown up telling them not to be the weepy passive-aggressive loser šŸ™‚

  4. Hah – as a type A person myself, I so see his need! While I can and do lose myself in stuff I enjoy (reading, faffing-about-on-the-internet, occasionally sewing – does that make me a non-typeA?) I get very irritable when my days are unstructured! Am terrible at the do-nothing kind of holidays šŸ™‚

    I’d say you already have all the things he needs in his list – can you add music of some kind? He sounds like the kind of kid who would practice because he should – which is what is needed for most musical learning…

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