meditation for 5 year olds


his schoolteacher asked all the children to meditate…
the children had to close their eyes and think of somethign they liked…
firstborn said he thought of “gold and pirates”

(how far at the very teetering edge of her tether the poor teacher must be, i often worry about)


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  1. same story here – teacher asked them to close eyes and think of something that made them “happy”. And who should burst into laughter thinking of Tom and Jerry – it makes him very happy .

    I told him to think of beautiful grass, hills and butterflies and he said “that’s boring happy” ! Sigh !

  2. You didn’t smell the tequila on the teacher’s breath later? thats what she does when the eyes are closed.. takes her shot and goes into her own la-la land! πŸ˜›

  3. You know MiM, your first-born is an advanced soul πŸ™‚ Meditation should make you peaceful and happy – so if you meditate on what makes you happy, there’s a problem solved before it even arises… he’s cracked it, as far as I’m concerned! I mean – meditating on an upcoming dentist’s appointment (which I have tomorrow *shudder*), for instance, is hardly likely to make you feel peaceful or happy – is it? πŸ™‚

    • agree shyam. meditation is needed hugely in today’s times!

      a lot of schools in des have incorporated this in the morning schedule these days. a candleis lit in the centre of a circle of the kids and everyone focusses on it – or you can shut your eyes. 5 min ofthis at the start of the day makes a huge difference from what i hear.

    • you should never ever think about dentist appointments even one sec. before it’s time to sit on that chair…

      thus spake Ms. three fillings this sat. morning…:-(

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