our whole block is being whitewashed recently. and the kids erm. really got the hang of cycling (scooter cycle/two wheeler/ four wheeler) very very recently. so the walls bear scratchmarks from where the new learner meets wall and crashes. a lot of it looks like black crayon marks.

i didnt think it was a big deal…

the mmmim who found out 14 minutes ago. is going bombastic. (*can you hear him?*)

my take (since i cant seem to get in a word through to him):

walls are going to get dirty. ho-hum.
sooner rather than later.

and if there was a proper playground, nearby, i would take my kids there. but i went there once and we all came back with an itchy rash.

and why does it matter that the wall on the 13th floor look manicured.
no. i dont think my kids should be sitting at home watching tv (even though you do) instead of riding cycles in the corridor.
oh yes. it’s already happened at home — ( see there … baby param has drawn concentric circles that intersect) really it was an accident.


he says he’s going to pay for the whole re-whitewash… and hence forth corridor cycling in the corridors will be banned.


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  1. egad.

    wonder what the mmmim would say to the chaps (grown up, mind you) who put those godawful betelnut juice stains in stairwells?

  2. Remembers the fights with the husband for

    1) kid vs the neighbours (do not take the screaming kid to balcony…poor neighbours..they will wake up)
    2) kid vs the owners (do not run/throw/jump/scratch….the owner frowns upon it)


  3. the neighbours are all quiet…because
    of one of the below , dips.

    1. ignorance: they havent found out it was us kids i think.

    2. zombieness: or they havent seen the marks on the wall

    3. non-confrontational: grrrrrrrrinning and bearing with the marks, in true neighbourly spirit.

  4. I was that woman barking at neighbouring and my kids too when our building was repainted 6 months back. I’m with the MMMim on this one. We are both Capricorns, you see? Thasswhy.

    *hunts for bazooka-bullet-proof vest* (not to be confused with MMMiM’s famous hole-ridden vest πŸ˜€ )

    • lol! starry. where do i buy a memory like yours? that mmmim is a capri, that vested post?

      starry, i cant remember anything !
      did we are did we not go to srirangam?
      who are these people who send me fb requests who say they have been to college with me?
      when is the library book due?

  5. I tend towards clean walls myself, BUT – since you are the one home with the kids, and with no suitable outside areas to take them to, you win. I could afford (metaphorically) to put my foot down re: playing cricket in the house only because we live in a cul-de-sac and the kids can play outside just as well…

  6. I understand the dilemma. We are moving out of a house that has concentric circles that intersect, and tyre marks on the corridor walls.

    We’ll pretty much be leaving most of the deposit back here as painting expenses, i guess!

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