I am lecturing the mmmim. i think he takes himself too seriously…


me: “Remember what MGR said… sirithu vaazha vendum

him: “yes but he also said pirar sirikka vazhndhidaadhey

me: “but what MGR said that is of utmost importance and consequence is ….”

and the mmmim has become v. quiet. he is hanging on to my every word. he knows i am going to say something so life-changing and profound.

me:”chikkumangu chikku mangu chechapappa. chikkumangu chikku mangu chechapappa…”

the mmmim charged after me around the house with the pressure cooker’s lid. no he didnt. only because he was looking for a heavier paathram to throw at me.

apologies to non-Tam speakers.


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  1. I would be hunting for my heaviest irumbu chatti to throw at you had you pulled that one on me… but as it is, giggling a lot. Poor MMMiM! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. I come back after a week to find an unsubtitled post!

    Boo, you do know that i am a serious tamil film fan – now that i have established my credentials – could you volunteer?

  3. Errr! what…can I put it on google translator..will it work..or wait..will ask my mom to read this and get back to you..but am sure what you said was not too funny for the MMMiM πŸ™‚

    • i used to do that too… guffaw in the workplace after reading blogs. later i got better at it … and usually modified the laughs into a raspy cough .

      no one caught me

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