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sibling story and a plant named sundar


i often tell firstborn stories about sibling who LOVE each other. Am always trying to get him to grasp the underlying moral in these stories.

I told firstborn a story on sibling love….(that happened here in KL)

this mum left her son W, age 9, with his dad and flew to India for a week.
W is in the midst of his exams.
But W is a responsible sorta kid, and held the fort bravely.
let himself in. ate the lunch cooked by dad (v. brave, this). studied on his own.
he cried on one day and called his mum in india. four times.
and not because W was missing his mum. he called to speak to his baby sis, age 3, who also flew with mum to india. he was missing her really badly.

firstborn listens. he is very quiet. and i am silent too.
and i look at firstborn. I expect him to ask me something very tender, may be a remark that tells me that he has been moved by this story, something that has touched his very core …

and firstborn

“Ma. what was W’s mum’s phone number?”


In other news. I dunno if tpl has named her baby on the blog yet? but we have a name for the tulsi plant that firstborn has raised from a seed. firstborn had been toying with names this past few days.

And the chosen name is

“Sundar Garma”

i was v. taken aback by this non-south indian turn of events.
Sambamoorthy was one of the first names that firstborn thought up. We all loved it. Very very interior tamil nadu. very very filter kaapi. we liked. sadly, it was rejected.

I politely asked firstborn if we could call it “Sundaram Garma” in deference to the fact that we are from tamizh nadu. But sadly, that was rejected too.

even the last name isnt tam:-(

ma turns 60 today


dad is organising a party for her.
with a group of friends — mostly his.

dad surprised himself and her
by presenting her with a satya paul bag.

ma, petite and spectacled, gets described by mostly these ones: hot-headed, decisive, fearless, strong, stubborn, tough.

yesterday her much older friend, now in her 70s, was chatting with me. She described ma as “charming”. been turning that one over in my head and seeing if it fits. been doing that since morning .

maybe it fits.

and i never knew.

10 things i learned this week


1. you can be sick. or you can have kids.

2. firstborn mostly asks questions for which he already knows the answer (are there volcanoes in Mysore? Are we going to India in March? Do I have a pet name?)

3. Point two is so annoying. and the answer is no no and no.

4. Baby Param smiles and waves to strangers while sitting on the back seat.

5. I am afraid of most kids in my block. my sons are doing far better in the ‘spinal cord’ dept.

6. the three XY chromosome holders have frighteningly identical taste in food. benena chips. check. idli + sambar. check. popcorn. check. pav bhaji. check. warm water. check.

7. When a book blows your mind, it takes a long while to get your mind back, and get on to a new book.

8. i hate to ask of too many things of my mixie.

9. baby param can tell apart our individual trees: mine, firstborn’s and his.

10. that conditioner is a hair-detangler. a discovery that came 20 years too late in my life.