10 things i learned this week


1. you can be sick. or you can have kids.

2. firstborn mostly asks questions for which he already knows the answer (are there volcanoes in Mysore? Are we going to India in March? Do I have a pet name?)

3. Point two is so annoying. and the answer is no no and no.

4. Baby Param smiles and waves to strangers while sitting on the back seat.

5. I am afraid of most kids in my block. my sons are doing far better in the ‘spinal cord’ dept.

6. the three XY chromosome holders have frighteningly identical taste in food. benena chips. check. idli + sambar. check. popcorn. check. pav bhaji. check. warm water. check.

7. When a book blows your mind, it takes a long while to get your mind back, and get on to a new book.

8. i hate to ask of too many things of my mixie.

9. baby param can tell apart our individual trees: mine, firstborn’s and his.

10. that conditioner is a hair-detangler. a discovery that came 20 years too late in my life.


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    • i am using hibiscus leaves, shyam. this is the national flower… so we have many many plants around.
      but my poor mixie has to do the grinding:-(

        • it pains me when my mixie has wheezing.

          am planning to buy one of those mortar and pestles (or whatever you call the old fashioned grinding stone) and grind my way to idli batter fame.

          i could buy two? one for you as well

  1. I so agree to the first one…LOL on FB’s Qs and Baby Param’s smartness πŸ™‚ and yes…hair conditioner detangles is a fact I learnt late in life 😦

  2. about points 1 to 8 : sympathies, support

    point 9: applause

    we really need to meet -then i can introduce you to big frizzy hair that smirks at detangling conditioners – thats about point no 10.

  3. that you answer the boy’s questions truthfully is highly surprising. Last night small asked me if I was frying bhajiya in oil.. I said ‘no, thats milk…its fat free.’ πŸ˜›

  4. aww….poor you on pts 1 and 6. I’m with you on 8 – Mixie needs mollycoddling πŸ™‚ Pts 2 – 3 – eh,I have one of those as well. And no, it didn’t get better with age – mine is almost 9 and the level of questions-with-obvious-answers just went up. Pt 9 – yes it detangles, but you are a shikakai person no? Be careful then – some conditioners cause major hair fall – to most of us chemical-laden shampoo using folks that doesn’t matter much, but it may be a shock to you!

    • M. I am doing hibiscus leaves. ground in the mixie, as conditioner. hence point 8.
      but hairfall is a constant chez moi. hairfall hasnt decreased. but crying over combing has.

    • “The Power of Now” Eckhart Tolle.

      tell me you ordered it online. with ‘fineprint’ at home, did you actually venture OUT?

    • yep. i think so. but i am v.v.v. scared of blogmeets.
      i never live up to my expectations.
      and the blogdost always surpasses my expectations.

      and i drown my sorrows in hairoil.

          • about the hair pulling.

            if it’s a tuesday or friday then it will be leafy with conditioner, that has chosen to stay on.

              • Hain, what is this about hair pulling? Why the Rapunzel references? Oonchi hai building, lift teri band situation? I can use the stairs you know.
                MiM, as the great Aamir Khan peace be upon him said in dil chahta hai, there is no improvement on perfection. So worry not about the blogdost meet.

                • You are right, avoid the hair pulling, nahin to ‘Sar pe zameen, paon ke neecha hai aasmaan’ waala situation ho jayega.

                  Enjoy the meeting, perfection#1 and perfection #2 ( two writers i really enjoy reading, will so look forward to the post on both your blogs after the meet. one with bollywood references, other with the tamizh film references – film buff khush hui!)

                  • aah but nothing good has come out of the Kolly-Bolly milan. Hopefully our meet will be more productive than Mani Ratnam selling his soul to the Bachchan parviar.

  5. Those are good lessons. Better learning them late than never πŸ™‚ May I ask which book was that good? Like Guddi I love messing with the kids heads too. It’s way too much fun πŸ˜‰

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