old school.


it was the last day at his old pre-school. we had small presents for all his teachers, the kitchen staff and a shirt for the security guard. I went along to help him deliver the goodies…

how much i would have missed if i hadnt gone inside…

a most non-solemn assembly. of about 100 ( 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds ) fiddling, fidgeting and standing in a square, trying to be still. one wandered off and sat on the swing.

two years ago. and i was thinking… if that child would have been firstborn? nope.
he would be the child who wandered to the washroom and pulled out 456 sheets of tissues, before the teacher found him.

and then i remember thinking is 3 too early for firstborn? the child, was spending more time in the school’s loo rather than in the classroom.
should i pull him out of the school?
I am glad he stayed on …

~ it was a place where the teacher presented the student with a box of homemade cookies every deepavali,
~ here he learned to say ‘pardon me’, count in mandarin, and say a grace before lunch
~ he learned to look after and be protective of a friend
~ where every teacher knew that he was vegetarian, because he repeated it one too many times
~ where he was pooh poohed by a bossy 4 year old van-friend who told him that armpads while swimming was only for babies
~ where he was poked by a pin by a classmate and fb was quite amazed that pins could be put to that kind of use as well…
~ where he learned to somersault
~ where he leaned to write his name first in capital letters, and then mixed em up, and now he’s sure which side the “d” in his name has to face
~ where he cried because he had to wear make-up on the annual day
~ where almost every child’s last name was darling
~ where he met his first set of real life twins
~ where some children ate rice in school. fb is horrified.

I watched. standing beside the child on the swing. firstborn was standing next to the flagpost. and soon this came on …

and firstborn singing the national anthem slowly and steadily hoisted the Malaysian flag, as all his schoolmates and teachers sang along.


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  1. I’d cry too if I had to wear make up for more than an hour. Tell him that, if he can believe that unknown people avidly follow his killer googlies aimed at his mother.

    Hope the big school retains the charm and affection of the last school.

  2. loved this post, mim!

    yay to fb! I ALWAYS wanted to hoist a flag(never have had the chance 😦 )

    and that point about pin-pricking and his amazement was v. touching. god bless.

    (there’s something about national anthems,no? may be it’s the obvious pride and love with which they are sung)

  3. I still remem how dumbfound I was on seeing identical twins..I used to always try hard and find out who is who and yet always go wrong.And got to love that teacher for baking goodies..I remember, my english teacher used to get us strawberries because a lesson that she taught was about strawberries..

    • my head is underwater most of the time these days…

      mebbe when baby param goes to school will blogathon away.
      how are you bm?

  4. I am more affected by Arjun’s graduation from kindergarten than I was at my degree. πŸ™‚
    Loved this post- hope fb has many interesting and fun experiences at his new school as well.

  5. lovely post MiM. I think every national anthem is beautiful and carries so much pride with it. The fact that he got to hoist the flag is so cool. Your line on every child’s last name was darling reminded my of Meg’s very first daycare πŸ™‚

  6. aww….and yes, I used to be a proud card carrying member of the unsentimental brigade who didn’t care in the least for graduation ceremonies…didn’t go to my undergraduate one, and did the graduate one “for show” a couple of years after actual graduation, just so my parents could have a picture of me in cap and gown! Naturally karma comes back to bite me – I was the mom with the box of tissues at my son’s kindergarten graduation, at my daughter’s kindergarten graduation and now son’s elementary school graduation is approaching – am buying stock in Kleenex…

  7. Love national anthems – and the fact that every child’s last name is darling.. Awww. Am so glad FB had this experience.

  8. Hi, stumbled on this blog while looking for pre-schools in KL/Bangsar. My 3 year old is not very happy in his and I am not quite sure if the school works. I hope that it is not too intrusive to ask what school is this that your son enjoyed so much.

    I am at wits end looking around the various pre-schools in Bangsar. Sarvesh currently goes to Children’s House which is a montessori based school.


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