new school


nine days in the new school.

~ ma. there’s a boy called “anu-rat” (i think he meant anurag ) and there’s one called “ara-win” (aravind). hopeless. fb needs a crash course in indian names.

~ the mmmim deputed a standard two student, R, to guide fb to the classroom from the gate on the first few days. (it was R’s old classroom last year) both got lost.

~ fb is pained by the size of the lunch box of a classmate. it hurts his psyche. he believes that brevity is the soul of eating.

~ a la airport transfer, there’s a van transfer. fb and friends get off one van and change into another before he gets home. and the school is less than 2 kms away.

~ mornings are on fwd. if i stop to sneeze then someone is delayed by an hour.

~ fb’s class teacher looked about eight years old, nine max. she’s small and smiley. god bless.

~ he has a gash on his hand and one his foot from running and failing to catch up with the children who were running to catch up with the other children who were running to the tamil class.

~ fb’s hand got stamped on by a classmate who was eager to get to the other side. he has a van-mate who said “i will kill you”. he has a new friend who hugged him because they both have a common friend in the neighbouring section.

welcome to primary school.


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  1. R and FB get lost on their way to the classroom is such a compelling image. Hope it was an adventure and not anxiety provoking.

    little boy adventures in big school posts – really looking forward to those.

  2. they got lost on day one. which was ok, permissible acceptable.

    and then on day 2: the mmmim drew a GPS like map for fb and put it in his pocket, and they still got lost.

    on the weekend the mmmim took fb to school and he neatly found his way to the class.

    and on the foll. monday they still got lost.

    individually the kids can find their way. together they are hopeless.

    apparently they also take the dustiest, muddiest, circuitous and slushy route from classroom back to van.

  3. Awww! Super updates of the primary school…I think I have done most of what FB has done in the first week of school…and just to add I have changed seven schools being in the same city (which shows what I am really!) but all the best FB and to many more such adventures πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds like a good 9 days! And I’m glad to see that Johnson and Johnson owes its obscene profits to other families excessive use of their products…:)

  5. aiiyo MiM, don’t get me started on Indian names and their pronunciation by my kids. Bharat is Braaaath, Gaurav is Garaaaav and the list goes on. If you teach them the right pronunciation, you are told that’s how they like us to say their names. As for me, I just wince every time I hear it. Last but not the least Viputheshwaran Seetharaman is VIP. After all who can blame that child for shortening his name? πŸ™‚

    • hah – another N.American! πŸ™‚ We have Ruh-jesh, Vee-daarshana, Deevya etc….

      The sad thing being my kids do know how to say the names “correctly” – but are told that the kids in question *prefer* this americanized version of their names!


  6. Interesting school incidents..i used to get lost quite a few times myself on the gps map for fb..did he refer them? Hope the van transfer is smooth..tho i still dont get the need

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