the song


This is in the midst of chapter 10 of the bhagavad gita. I loved these verses and their translation very much. The translation is by Paramahansa Yoganananda.

They appealed to many parts of me: folklorist, the little girl who heard all her mythology from her grandpa and her great grandpa, the still in the closet fan of lists and bullet points, the very armchair literature lover…

(I tried googling another translation of these verses. I didnt find something I liked. so i keyed it all in for you…)

Krishna replies to Arjuna who wants to know what in forms to recognise Him.

my favourite verses:

Among the adityas (twelve effulgent beings) I am Vishnu; among luminaries, I am the radiating sun; among the Maruts ( forty-nine wind gods), I am Marichi; among heavenly bodies, I am the moon.

Among the Vedas, I am the Sama Veda; among the gods I am Vasava (indra); among the senses I am mind (manas); in creatures, I am the intelligence.

Of the Rudras (eleven radiant beings) I am (their leader) Shankara (“the well wisher”); of the Yakshas and Rakshasas (astral demi-goblins), I am Kubera (lord of riches); of the Vasus (eight vitalizing beings), I am Pavaka (the god of fire, the purifying power), and of mountain peaks, I am Meru.

And O Arjuna, understand Me to be the chief among priests, Brihaspati; among generals, I am Skanda; among expanses of water, I am the ocean.

Of the Maharishis (mighty sages), I am Bhrigu; among words I am the one syllable Aum; among yajnas (holy ceremonies) I am japa-yajna (silent, superconscious chanting); among stationary objects, I am the Himalaya.

Among all trees, I am the Ashvattha (the holdy fig tree); among the devarishis (divine sages) I am Narada; among the gandharvas (demi gods) I am Chitraratha; among the siddhas (successful linerated beings), I am the muni (saint) Kapila.

Among stallions, know me to be the nectar-born Uchchaihshravas; among elephants, Indra’s white elephant Airavata; and among men, the emperor.

Among weapons, I am the thunderbolt; of bovines, I am Kamadhuk (the celestial cow that fulfils all desires). I am Kandarpa (the personifies creative consciousness), the cause of childbirths; and i am Vasuki among serpents.

I am Ananta (the eternal one) among the Naga serpents; I am Varuna (god of the ocean) among water creatures; I am aryama among Pitrs (ancestral parents); I am Yama (god of death) among controllers.

Among the Daityas (demons and giants), I am Prahlada; among measures I am time; among the animals, I am the king of beasts (the lion); and among birds, I am Garuda (“lord of the skies, vehicle of Vishnu)

there is more…

will key in the rest tomorrow?


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      • oh you’ll find it easily on youtube. you also get all 52 episodes in a boxed set of DVDs now. get them when you are in des next if you liked them.

        if you will meet me (and get off the fan) i will get a set for you.

  1. “I am Kandarpa (the personifies creative consciousness), the cause of childbirths”

    What an incredible insight – that a child is born out of the life force that is one’s creative consciousness .


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