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10 things that happened at the blogmeet

1. this isnt fiction. a blogmeet really happened.

2. if you have met my friend kamini, then there’s about 45 per cent of kamini in aneela. mebbe as much as 46 per cent. so it was with a 46 per cent sense of deja vu i prattled on…

3. i tried to organise a mini contest for aneela.
she had to guess which one was me… me or my friend V. I botched up things a bit by giving out the answer BEFORE i announced the contest. gah! must do better next time.

4. menu: rasam starter. pooris aloo (south indian style), lemon rice and raitha, and mildly onion raitha-flavoured payasam with just two seeds of mustard floating around (our pal arhaan quickly mixed the raitha spoon with the payasam spoon in a nimble houdini style sleight of hand and voila)

5. dont believe a word she says about arhaan being demanding/ DVD-watching mini terror of a child. he is nothing of the sort. he plays. he’s a total world traveller. he’s organised. he’s softspoken. and his mouth forms a perfect bell-shaped curved graph when he cries. totally feel like pinching him now.

6. my firstborn who came back from school halfway into the blogmeet, he DIDNT EVEN NOTICE there was an aneela sitting beside his ma eating lunch. his eyes went straight to arhaan. and they all played housie-housie for a bit.

7. we have a common friend back in islamabad. we both knew his daughters when they were growing up. and we both loved his daughters.

8. i love roy and she mistry. but we both hate bhagat.

9. she can really make me shout with laughter. when you meet her, let her tell you the one about why she cuts her nails in the bathroom in her ma’s place.

10. and guess what she brought for me? hairoil:-) all the way from bangladesh. and i’ll let her to tell you what she bought for my kids, and how many light years it will take her to graduate from her current evil aunt status.


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  1. Important question#1 did the fan break?
    #2 both of you urged you were the holders of the most socially adroit(not) persons – so was the whirring fan heard loud and clear during the long stretches of silences that you and aneela promised?
    #3 did you miss your missing fans ? the ones who wanted to film, fly, fotograph on and off walls.

    are payasam and raitha combustible when merged with each other?that was probably arhaan’s scientific quest …eager to know the findings.

    • the first three questions, aneela can answer.
      queries about payasam had all better be directed to me.
      and the payasam that onioned itself on the dining table, untangled itself in the tummy.
      so whenever payasam is dessert, allz well that ends well

    • South aur north(west) ka scoreboard to theek hai, but what about the sharp comments replete with film references? this film buff is pacing the floors in anticipation.

    • this mixing can go round in a loop. but en fin, payasam unmixes itself in the tummy and sweetness prevails.

  2. Futilely wishing I could have been a fly on the wall at That Blogmeet… and MiM, trust me when I say that I never dreamt I’d ever EVER want to be an insect – a particularly disgusting one at that. *sigh*

    At least let’s have ALLLLLLLLL the details, no?

    – From a Despondent Wannabe Fly

  3. onion raitha-flavoured payasam? Must have been an interesting dish:) . I am a long time reader of you and Aneela.

    Had to delurk for this post where you both met 🙂

    • onion flavoured payasam is quite good.
      there was coriander topped payasam that i did one deepavali too. sweet memories what?

  4. all details?

    okie. five more factlettes coming up

    1. aneela has watched all of mani ratnam, but NOT Mouna ragam. i know. omg.

    2. she FORGOT to take the bananas i packed for arhaan. aaargh.

    3. i loved to hear her talking about bloggers in the www. put them under the microscope _ discuss ideologies, stances, idiosyncracies and styles.

    4. and she’s addicted now to being part of the twitterati. and i am tempted to hop on.

    5. bollywood didnt raise its head all that much. i am a bit of a duh and aneela can sniff out a “bollywood-challenged person” even before she stepped onto our floor. so the rest of you are forewarened

  5. tribute to the blogmeet up.
    and I notice that the “preview” to our meet got 50 comments and this only 23. Kiya bhai? Trailer dekhtey ho and dont turn up to the cinema hall.

    • You must understand that this has turned out to be serious art house cinema. We are now ‘thinking’ over. The trailer promised a slapstick comedy type flick.

      and i quote, “This is not fiction. There really was a blogmeet.” … imagine a b&w shot of a fan whirring away, only a shaft of light falling on the rotating blades.

      ladies, you had us fooled… you like roy and mistry, not manmohan desai and david dhawan!!!

        • @choxbox: Oh missing out on Mouna Raagam was not intentional, please bear in mind that growing up in Pakistan one could only watch south indian movies that had made it to video (dear pirates of caribbean sitting in Dubai, peace be upon you and your families) and which had English subtitles (hum tau angrezi may boley ga)

          @ surabhi oh but I was a Manmohan Desai all ready to sign up Rani, woh tau Tabu ji converted project to art house types:

          @MiM we forgot the bit when Arhaan reiterated ” there is no truth in advertising” and gulped his milk down “What me no drink milk”

  6. Two of my favourite women met? No wonder there was a big chunk of sunshine that day 🙂
    I’m around, still alive, still… (fill in the blanks with what you want). It was good to drop by. And what is this all this nonsense about not continuing the blog? Don’t you know how much fun it is to google maid in malaysia and see all the insanity listed along with your sanity? much love.

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