the one-eyed shopper


we are going home in june. and i have to admit that i have been shopping with only one eye.
because of one small big reason: baby param is in tow.
my mind isnt at peace because he does one of the following:

1. wanders off ( me = panic)
2. says he wont susu in the diaper and wants to go to the toilet (me = aaaaaaarhg)
3. wants vitagen, wants water, wants chips, and point 2 appears (ditto)
4. no pram, carry me (me= let’s go home)

but i loved shopping in KL because of the things I find.
as i packed them all in today, baby param gave me all the support that he didnt give me while shopping.
he’s the hand model in all the pictures…

this one is a lovely xylophone that tinkles like a jaltarang... i just played lakdi ki kathi, vara leel gana lola and several rounds of sa re ga ma. as delicate as a wind chime


i cant use regular combs after i switched to these handmade combs. i have hair that's thick falls to my hips and is as rough as dammit - not my hips, hair i mean. and this comb is my "no more tears" after hair-wash morning. expensive. the mmmim feet gave way when the saleswoman gave him the bill


my hair leaps? not anymore:-)


an exquisite table runner. now someone just needs to buy a dining table to go with it


for people like my mil who think handbags should have something up their sleeve...


inside every hand bag there's a shopping bag waiting to come out, or so my mil believes


an umbrella that has glitter, dazzle and a nice smile. but it doesnt have a press button start. strange are the ways of malaysians


umbrellas sheathed in matching outer coats. i am in colour co-ordinated heaven


these things call me and say "MiM! psst. buy me. i want to be in your home"


made of mango wood, this hand-crafted tray is heavy and priciest thing after the comb. and it goes to someone v.v.v.v special. and am i v.v.v.v. special right?


slippers for sisters-in-law. thought bata was an indian brand... but it's apparently canadian.


i want to be 8 years old and get into this one.



who can fit into this one? recently i discovered that my waist has reappeared. of course this deserves a whole blogpost in its honour. or a whole blog


love the hearts in the bum pockets


ma wanted this stuff by the dozen


dolls from sarawak in east malaysia. it's my dream to travel there... *sigh*


ma wants this stuff by the truckloads


i am having an asaaan moment here. but this bag was on 80 per cent off....


more local flavour that goes crunch.


hot pink pants. v. haute


and who can guess which one i decided to keep for myself, and not present to a relative/friend when i go homein June?


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  1. i’d keep the mango wood tray. awesome stuff, all of it.

    and the lady who ran kindermusik classes for kids in london used to call it glockenspiel (accroding to her, only wooden ones can be called xylophones). she even gave us one at the end, it sounds tinkly and wind-chimes-y as you say. still have it after all these years, refuse to partw ith it even though i have given away all the toys (almost) belonging to that era.

  2. this one is wooden. everything except the sa re ga ma keys.

    that’s why i like KL: we get so much wooden… teak furniture, ebony combs, wooden xylophones …:-)

    • the keys wonly ma. if wooden = xylophone, if metal = glockenspiel.

      and the combs look awesome. where in KL does one get ‘em? (friends are soon to visit it, so)

      • hmmm. would the sound be so lilting if the keys were wooden?
        it would be like baby param tapping on the floor. thank god we found the glockensp.

        “carpenter tan” in central market chox.totally recommend.
        1. hairfall reduced significantly
        2. scalp has this massaged feeling
        3. and no pain while removing tangles
        4. some combs are made of animal horns (sheep/buffalo) and some are wooden. you can choose the latter if you are peta-fied
        it has a website too, to order online.

  3. If I were you, I’d stash them all inside and go home empty handed inventing tales of horror about the kids never letting you out if their eye sight, so no shopping etc etc 😀

    But you are nice, so I’m guessing you are taking most of the stuff back home. please please keep that “ma wants this stuff by the truckloads” bag for yourself, okay?

  4. oh-kay! so that caught our abi’s fancy. nope. that’s not the one i am keeping…though.
    there’s a nice bag made of cut coconut shells lying aroiund at home somewhere… i should show you that

  5. Need the address quick of the stuff aunty wants by truckloads. Not seen them around in KL .. Is it at the same place you get the combs from? And I can totally relate to the one-eyed shopping…And I am not going anywhere in June 😦
    Njoi ur vacation…

  6. Ohh..and i love the wooden toy shop in Central Market….It has interesting stuff…Next time I am taking the 2X2 rubic cube for all children aged 5 and up…they are great and not as hard to do as the 3X3 cubes..Gets the kids interested to try out

  7. oh such pretty stuff.loved the handbags..the dolls..i think u r keeping the dolls..I want to shop truckloads too…and happily give away to ppl back at homeland.

  8. the packet says coconut sweets, but have they put the picture of tamarind and raw mango on it? Hard to keep the drool off my chin and computer.

    Enjoy the holiday. and i know you hate my city but if passing through give a shout.

  9. Wow! All this with one wondering how much more you could do when you shop with two eyes! Impressed 🙂

    and you have hair upto your hips!!! after two children !!! *Bows to thee*

  10. What gorgeous stuff ! If I was you then
    – the table runner
    – comb
    – dolls
    – both the pants
    – those paper bags by combs
    will keep for myself. I want to go to KL now.

  11. Ooh pretty! Keep the bags – ALL of them! So lovely! Especially the braided ones – what material are they?

    The tray – I’ll take your word for it that it looks lovely, but my addled head looked at the design and though Cockroach wings – and as you can imagine, that put paid to any beauty it might have! 🙂

    The dolls from Sarawak – I want! Will be in India in June as well – any chance of a U.Koil rendezvous? 🙂

    • i was there at U.Koil (and govindapuram)
      and was keeping my eyes peeled for anyone who liked like an M. didnt see anyone …
      asked my ma to keep her eyes peeeled and she didnt either?
      we were there on 20th? you?

  12. what fun! I’ld have gotten all of it in pairs if not more to keep a batch for myself 🙂
    that ‘ma wants by the truckload’ bag was something the husband brought back from one of his thailand visits and they were used as golu bags! very pretty!

  13. maid missing in action in malaysia/mother’s house, you have been requested to do a post, by moi. But i shall be patient.

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