experiments with firstborn


firstborn, 6, used to come back with a complaint, whine or miaow of resentment/ hurt/ anger against his classmates.

all gone now, as i ask two questions when he comes back:

“Who did you help today?”

“Who did you appreciate today?”

so fb’s been on the lookout for boyscout moments: helping scraped knee kid to the nurse/ helping classmate pack her craft book in bag/ lending his sharpener to those who already have their own…

but it’s now 14 days… and fb is monomaniacal in the “praise” department. all his wows are for kid L.
Kid L brings his own colouring book and wastes no time in break time: putting red pencil to apple and green to leaf, and brown to worm (i presume).
fb is proud to be apprentice and ooh la la-er..
he tells kid L, everyday, “tell me what colour you need and i’ll give it to you from your box”
i think he can go on in this vein, till the rest of the academic year.

i now worry if kid L may be getting tired of fb breathing down kid L’s colour pencil box. and distracting the young artist from his cogitations.


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    • it’s from a book i read, chox.
      this story was about a doctor dad during the great depression. he had 11 children or something. and when they all sat together at the dining table this was what he asked his children .

      somehow in their house there was enough food for everyone and there were always guests and many others at the dining table, even though money was tight.

  1. i read the itch 2. man.

    and you are going to tell me that you are vijayshanthi ips,after all. right?

    but do civil servants become ips officers i am still unclear.

    but leave me to now, alone and my vision of you doing crouching dragon fights…


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