a letter from a friend


firstborn has a lovely letter written to him by a classmate PK, also 6 years old.

i reproduce it as is.

“Fb is my best friend in my birthday i will give you five one or eight and seven or ten chocolate to fb. fb is such a good boy he do ever work faster. fb will not cry for anything. He will not run in the class forever. show to your mother. dont forget.

the mmmim, ever the accountant, is raising an eyebrow @ the pussyfooting on the exact number of chocolates
on offer.

ma ends her fast tomorrow. after three days. our prayers with anna hazare and the movement to end corruption.


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  1. I believe PK will decide the final number once his numerologist gets back to him. Please be patient, we are going through a mercury retrograde..and one can never be too careful in these times.

  2. I notice the kid stresses that Fb should show you the letter – fan of your vadas, is he? πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s why he is confused about the numbers – must have been trying to figure out when he can eat those vadas again!!!
    Hope your mom is doing ok!

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