the uppu seedai that rolled under the tractor


the footprints. not a messy disaster like last time. yay!

spent yesterday evening telling stories to the children.
realised krishna lopped off more than his fair share of rakshasas — shakatasura, banasura, narakasura, denukasura, etc much to firstborn (the amateur taekwondoian’s) delight.

my favourite krishna story was the one about sudhama. i tried to dwell on the simple friendship and what it meant to both. my hopes of making a sentimental sermon were promptly squashed like an uppu seedai that rolled under a tractor.
firstborn:” never mind that. tell me how krishna leapt on kalinga’s many heads?”
kitchen report
cooking hit: ghee appam, seeyan
flop: sago payasam
cooking mystery: why didnt the dahi vada swell to double its size after being dunked in curd?

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  1. I am working on migration and bhojpuri music- you dont want to hear the krishna references in my research. you do? mail me and you will be inundated with some delightful stuff, albeit xxx

  2. by the way, the trick with dahi wadas is that you dunk it in water, squeeze out the liquid gently after a while, and then pour the curd. Soaks in the curd and melts in the mouth when you bite into the bloated beauty.

    • achcha! sur! i had this sneaking suspicion. but ma stoutly denied any such process.

      next time sur.
      will show your comment to ma with the prefix” i told you so”

  3. Seeyan and all! Wow ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did Krishna hop on one foot into your home…hmmm, can’t see the second set…or is it my eyes?! Lovely Puja arrangements. And why do you call the sago payasam a flop?

    • You know even I wondered about the second foot, but then assumed it was my blighted by bhojpuri bohemia brain that was missing something… it is a relief to know that normal people wondered too.

  4. ma did the same as Surabhi suggested…the kolam looks so amazing!

    @TPL: you decked your baby as Krishna and he cooperated..isnt that super awesome!

  5. Yes, yes that thing with water. I do the tadka for dhai vadai, pour water and when it boils turn the stove off, put the vadais and let soak. Then add teh yougurt.

    Same for bondhi raita too.

    Happy Janmashtami.

  6. lol @ fb’s “never mind that!” the pooja set up looks beautiful!

    ps : you should get a cycle tyre kaathu pump, and pump air into the vadas, me thinks.(everyone suggested water, i had a feeling that I should pitch in with my er, valuable contribution too :P)

    • abi. i was feeling so er flattened, that i might have acted on your suggestion had it occured to me.

      dahi vadas is one of those things that you slave hours over…and it’s a pity if things dont go as planned.

  7. fb is a normal kid… be happy for that!

    Sago, in my opinion, is meant for days when you have tummy upset. It has no place among the elite payasams.

    step and diya and all than splendor has a very nice effect ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes, ideally hand beat it (in one direction wonly) till fluffy- a drop should rise immediately to the top of a bowl of water. It turns light and fluffy as you beat it.(The hand that beats gets tired, though, but well worth it).

  8. Hey we to squueze the water out of the vadas after soaking it in water for over an hour. This also helps sueeze out the extra oil and makes the vadas softer. we celebrated Janmashtami by making some sandesh & walnut sheera.

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