“elite payasams”


sago, doesnt feature on that list, says Uma.

humbled. i reviewed my list again. after hours of salivating i’ve arrived at my top 3.

hot paal payasam
hot samea payasam
and cold badamkheer

i would hate it if milkmaid feels left out of this sugarfest. any payasam that has been enriched by milkmaid would also fall into the top 3.


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  1. Not milkmaid itself, unadulterated by anything healthy, crunchy,nutty,carbohydraty?

    I sneak trips to the fridge with a spoon hidden in my pocket. My secret desire- make the can of milkmaid the centre piece of the feast laid out on the table.

    • i couldnt bear to reply to this comment without being properly equipped. . a visit to the store and we are now a milkmaid-rich household.
      the je ne sais quoi feeling is now going away

  2. oh yaaaaaaa…I think I will place the badamkheer on the top πŸ™‚
    @surabhi: of course milkmaid is supposed to be the centre piece of the feast..I plan to do that when I ever give a feast to anyone in my lifetime..Dessert – just open a tin of milkmaid πŸ™‚

  3. you don’t like them pradhamans?? 😦 the paal ada and the chakka pradhaman top my list of favourites… for a change i made carrot payasam recently with nestle condensed milk (we don’t get Milkmaid here) and it tasted good, if i may say so myself!

    • not a great fan of malai in childhood…
      so that backspaces all the ada payasams.
      but i could try once more now that i am an adult…:-)

  4. been a reader of your blog but this made me comment πŸ˜€

    khus khus payasam, vella payasam with moong dhaal and ofcourse the pradhamans..
    I am biased towards brown payasams πŸ˜‰

    • isnt that too much like sakkarai pongal. will try it out for ganesh chathurthi and let you know whether it falls on my list…:-)

      • Yup, SP that failed to set into pongal state πŸ™‚ still love it though, esp the versions served by madams or very traditional weddings, flavored with pachai karpooram.

  5. samea reads like how phirangs pronounce my name πŸ˜› Like someone’s commented semia or semiya is better.

    Again like in one of the comments, I will like to re-order the list, add ‘Ada pradhaman’ and leave badam kheer for now. Badam halwa is better πŸ˜€

  6. the 50% mallu in me wants to add the oh so yummy pradamans – paal ada pradaman and chakka pradaman.

    I like the paal payasam with red/ brown rice…gives a really nice flavour. Since cooking this is cumbersome, I once tried the brown aval in paal payasam and the result was quite impressive.

    Totally agree on the Milkmaid point….

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