lunch at a friend’s


sometimes i wonder if they knew how helpless i am at setting the table…would some people continue to be friends with me.

(from left to right) chole, aloo, paneer, boondi raita, salad; jeera rice


even the ladles are facing the same direction

only two people spilt jeera rice while serving themselves.

one was a 3 year old.
the other was me.


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  1. And she cooked all that *gasp*


    and yaa the ladles are facing the same direction..your friend is definitely a perfectionist..when I have people over for lunch (rarely) I often forget to even keep the ladle until RD reminds me gently that only urging people to eat will not have to give them ladles to serve themselves!

    you spilt the jeera rice…sacrilege 🙂

  2. setting the table = plonk all edible things at the center of the table with plates around them …. Very pretty decor/ furnishing on table unnerves me coz am also an ace spiller 😦
    Btw, it is sometimes nicer to be in a 3 yr old’s company – only, it is difficult to look cute about the spilling…

  3. The lunch looks good, no doubt. Spilling is okay- it is one’s eagerness to ingest the yummy looking food that causes it to spill. Boring food rarely spills:)

  4. were you at my place by any chance?!

    *menu-wise, not setting table-wise*

    and, give me the three payasams and rasam, and see if i care for settings and such like.

  5. Same pinch on all counts – table setting, rice spilling, etc etc. Had I been there I would’ve toppled a glass of water over those lovely table mats as well. I don’t even own ladles of the same shape and size. Somehow it never occurred to me to buy a set.

    • i am in your boat.
      i dont even have FOUR matching of anything. only three plates, three glasses etc
      one too many guests and my vandavalam = thandavalam

  6. My 9 year old daughter has decided that she needs to step up to the plate, since I am so bad at this! I tell myself function matters over frm, but would be nice tip have both!

  7. set pannarethellam kashtam illa..aana sinthama sappdarathu konjam kashtam thaan.Also, I wonder how some people can lick their plate so clean ( not literally) while some have the “kakka kotharina” plate.

  8. Keezha sindhina parava illai, dressla sindhaama irundha seri. Naan adhuvum pannirrukken. One look at my clothes and you pretty much can tell what my last meal was 🙂

  9. You spilt the rice?
    I split the milk.

    You had three year old for company.

    I have to drain, press, drain some more to get some paneer.

    And you got to undo the neat order in which the ladles were placed.

    You have a better life than mine , for sure.

  10. and you didn’t blame it on the 3 y.o? *gasp*

    My 4 y.o niece and I both dropped our food this one time and guess who took the blame 😛 (no need to feel sorry for the said niece. She once told the ENTIRE family that it was me who wet the bed and not her as one would assume)

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