watched it. so i am only 4 years back in my tamil movies viewing.

an assamese friend watched the film when she was in chennai, and recommended it to me. (i was impressed. –the friend didnt know any tamizh and was raving about the film.)

grrrr.I am totally going to hunt her down and ask her to give me my three hours back.


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  1. What??? Three hrs back? But why?

    I like Radha Mohan’s movies because they are clean. No ‘achu pichu’ stuff.

    I liked Mozhi, but can’t say the same for Abiyum Naanum – little over the top because I can’t stand Trisha and Prakash Raj over acted.

  2. There’s a sure way to hate a movie – watch it 1000000 times on TV. I started not enjoying Mozhi the second time and stopped with that. I hate Prakash Raj. Very pseudo that guy. Prithvi is handsome but very Mallu-handsome. Also I find something very porukki in his eyes.

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