a weekend getaway…


…is when
my boys
postpone worldwar III
and turn into brothers


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    • superlative beach. pulau redang, a six hour drive from where we stay.
      only downside is that baby param filled up all the barf bags

  1. Ummm, how many years has it been since I became an avid blog follower? I thought it was recently, and baby param was a baby – he looks long and tall, and FB even more so.

    Has it been that many years???

    • here’s one i roflroflrofl when i first read…

      What ho!” I said.

      “What ho!” said Motty.

      “What ho! What ho!”

      “What ho! What ho! What ho!”

      After that it seemed rather difficult to go on with the conversation

  2. i forgot about your keen eye TPL


    in the roti kapda aur makaan triad: the mmmim usually does 2 outta 3. so that’s why fb was looking cool.

    BP was v. mismatched because i picked out his clothes

  3. Lovely beach and photos..We too had many weekend getaways ourselves…including one extra loooong one to India!! yay!
    Back to school routine is refusing to settle in. Trying though..

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